What is gtmetrix and how to use it?

– Definition GTmetrix is one of the free tools used to get detailed reports on website performance. It analyzes the website speed using Google Page Speed and YSlow guidelines. GTmetrix checks that the front-end of the entire site is consistent with the recommended practices.

How many test servers does gtmetrix have?

There are currently 67 test servers operating in 22 global locations. Logged in users can analyze their pages using one of our 7 free test locations . GTmetrix PRO plans have access to 15 additional premium test locations .

What status codes does the gtmetrix API use?

The GTmetrix API uses the HTTP status codes as defined by RFC 2616 to declare whether an API request was successful or not. The error status codes that the API can return are listed in the documentation below. All requests (except where noted) return an JSON-encoded string. See the documentation below for the structure of the data.

What is gtmatrix?

In GTMatrix one of the page speed scores of the KPI is provided as a percentage and is also classified from A to F according to performance. It is an open-sourced Google page speed library. Google has made several changes to its algorithm and has not updated the open-source version.

What are the features of gtmetrix?

A great feature of GTMetrix is the ability to view the historical statistics of your website. This history can be updated every time you run an analysis of your website, as well as at scheduled times, so you can get periodic updates of your website’s performance.

How does gtmetrix send data to the mobile devices?

GTmetrix sends a request directly to our suite of mobile devices and requests your URL via a WiFi connection. We use Chrome to load the page and send the data back to GTmetrix for report generations. The ruleset used is slightly changed - we use Googles PageSpeed rules with prioritization for mobile devices.

What are some common questions about site speed issues and gtmetrix usage?

Here are some common questions regarding site speed issues and GTmetrix usage. 1. Why should I be concerned with my sites speed? Your users experience in terms of navigating your site should be a great reason.

Can gtmetrix handle meta refreshes or redirects?

Unfortunately, GTmetrix currently does not handle pages that perform meta refreshes or use JavaScript to redirect the page. However, you can work around this issue by visiting the page in your own browser to find the final redirected URL - this is the URL to use with GTmetrix.

What is GTMetrix? GTMetrix is a tool that analyzes the page speed and performance. It generates scores for our pages and offers Pagespeed and WiSlow. It is a free tool that we have found to be used to get detailed reports about site performance.

What is gtmatrix KPI?

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