Clube do fado

clube do fado

Why choose ideal Clube de Fado?

At Ideal Clube de Fado, we believe that each concert is a live act of creation, a unique experience that is renewed every day and drinks from the inexhaustible source of this strange way of life that is to be Portuguese. Our doors are open, and all are welcome.

Where to listen to fado in Lisbon?

The eighteenth century building where it is inscribed, near the Lisbon Cathedral, Alfama It has become a perfect fado scene. An old stable and olive oil store gave way to one of the most exquisite fado houses in Lisbon, the Fado Club, founded in 1995 by renowned guitarist and composer Mário Pacheco.

What is a fado?

Defined by improvisation, this Fado is a cry of freedom, a musical invitation to contemplate existence, to sing our joy and sadness in a celebration of life.

What time does the fado concert start?

Our daily concerts (except sunday) start at 6 p.m. For those who want to know more about Fado, we recommend an early arrival, half an hour earlier, so that you can participate in our meet & greet session and interact with the musicians.

What does fado mean to the Portuguese?

Lisbon is in the capital of Portugal where this style of music was born. Fado is very typical Portuguese and unique which makes it so much more special to the Portuguese people. Let us try to explain in words what Fado means. What is Fado? Speaking in practical terms, clear and direct, Fado is a style of music – just like Rock, Pop and RnB are.

What is the history of fado?

See Article History. Fado, a type of Portuguese singing, traditionally associated with pubs and cafés, that is renowned for its expressive and profoundly melancholic character. The singer of fado (literally, “fate”) speaks to the often harsh realities of everyday life, sometimes with a sense of resignation, sometimes with the hope of resolution.

What are the characteristics of fado?

A particular stylistic trait of fado is the use of rubato, where the music pauses at the end of a phrase and the singer holds the note for dramatic effect. The music uses double time rhythm and triple time ( waltz style). There are two main varieties of fado, namely those of the cities of Lisbon and Coimbra.

What makes fado different from other music styles?

But, for reasons that distinguish it from other styles, Fado is (so) much more than just a simple style of music. Normally, Fado is sung by a single person and accompanied by a classical guitar and a Portuguese guitar. In total, it takes three people to sing (and play) traditional Fado – something that has been changing over time.

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