Augusta spa

augusta spa

Why choose Augusta spa hotel?

Welcome to Augusta Spa Hotel*** , Hisarya! We are firm believers that everyone deserves a period of total rest, professional health care and a series of rejuvenating, emotional experiences.

What is the spa certification of the hotel?

The SPA Center of the hotel is certified in conformity with Ordinance № 2 of 29.01.2016, issued by the Minister of Tourism and the Minister of Health, published in State Gazette, issue no. 11 dated 09.02.2016 and respectively meets all the requirements for furnishing, equipment and staff qualification.

How do I get to August wellness?

August wellness can be accessed through the main building, or its separate entrance (around the corner). Public parking can be found in the neighbouring streets of August or at Q-Park (Berchem Station) at a 10-minute walking distance. Reservations must be cancelled 24 hours prior to start to avoid a full charge of the booking.

Spa Hotels. What is the meaning / definition of Spa Hotels in the hospitality industry? A Spa Hotel is a hotel with the primary purpose of providing individual services and treatments for Spa seeking clients, with a focus on health. Historically many Spas were developed at the location of natural hot springs or sources of mineral waters.

What is a spa?

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