What is the capital of the Como Province?

The city of Como is its capital — other large towns, with more than 10,000 inhabitants, include Cantù, Erba, Mariano Comense and Olgiate Comasco. Campione dItalia also belongs to the province and is enclaved in the Swiss canton of Ticino .

What does Como stand for?

The Province of Como ( Italian: Provincia di Como; German: Provinz Como; Comasco: pruincia de Comm) is a province in the north of the Lombardy region of Italy and borders the Swiss cantons of Ticino and Grigioni to the North, the Italian provinces of Sondrio and Lecco to the East, the Province of Monza and Brianza to...

Where is Lake Como?

Located on the Italian-Swiss border, the city of Como in Italy overlooks the southwest end of its lake and is surrounded by green ridge hills, resulting in unparalleled, natural scenery. The cool thing about Como is that you can really see and do a lot of things, whether you are visiting Lake Como for a day or staying longer.

What to do in Como?

Exploring the relationship between Como and its lights. A video by Giuseppe Sigrisi The beauty of Lake Como: its villas, beaches, treasures and gardens. Boat trips to discover the lake

Where is the Como Province located?

It borders Switzerland to the north, the provinces of Sondrio and Lecco to the east, the province of Milano to the sourth and the province of Varese to the west. This province contains the beautiful glacial Lake Como and is a popular tourist destination with some of the most beautiful scenery in Italy.

What is the meaning of Como?

Como, Latin Comum, city, Lombardia regione (region), northern Italy, rimmed by mountains at the extreme southwest end of Lake Como, north of Milan. As the ancient Comum, perhaps of Gallic origin, it was conquered by the Romans in 196 bc and became a Roman colony under Julius Caesar. It was made a bishopric in ad 379.

What is the capital of Comoros?

Since Moroni serves as the seat of government of the Comoros, the city has many of the countrys important government buildings. The port of the city is also used for exporting vanilla, coffee, and cacao, which are produced and processed on the island.

What to do in Lake Como?

The city of Como is the capital of the Province of Como and it is the perfect starting point to explore many locations around the Lake. Once in Lake Como, a unique experience is to take time to get to know the towns and villages all around the lake and on the surrounding mountains.

Also, if you love food, you’re going to taste some typical Lombard dishes such as risotto con pesce persico (risotto with Lake Como fish) and pizzoccheri (a mountain dish made with buckwheat pasta, savoy cabbages and local cheese). Which airport is closest to Lake Como, Italy?

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