Silk club lisbon

silk club lisbon

Is silk club in Lisbon a good sushi restaurant?

Whilst in Lisbon we had a craving for sushi and had been recommended Silk Club. It is a roof top restaurant and the views looked good, I imagine it would be better as a summer venue. Unfortunately, we were one of only two tables which... meant it lacked atmosphere.

Where to stay in Lisbon?

Visit one of the most exclusive clubs in Lisbon. The Silk Club, on the top floor of a building in Rua da Misericórdia, is a member of the World’s Finest Clubs and offers a very exclusive ambiance. To add a touch of total sophistication to your stay in the city, this is the ideal destination.

Is silk club a good place for New Years Eve?

Was at Silk Club for New Years Eve. Great ambiance, great music...superbe staff. I would definitely recommend it!!! Helpful? The food is nice. The view was beautiful. Nice calm atmosphere and good service. It is a bit pricy, we payed 94 euros, but it was super good Difficult to find at first (inside an offices building).

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