Intrafor porto

intrafor porto

Who is Intrafor?

About us Intrafor is a leading foundations and ground engineering specialist. Our team carries out technically challenging projects in both the public and private sectors, providing sophisticated and cost-effective solutions to meet every client’s needs. Intrafor is a leading foundations and ground engineering specialist.

Who is Intrafor Hong Kong?

Intrafor Hong Kong, a subsidiary of VSL International, is a leading foundations and ground engineering specialist. We contribute to the construction of transport infrastructure, tunnels in particular, major engineered buildings, and industrial and energy-producing structures.

What makes Intrafor’s drilling equipment so special?

This innovative equipment – developed by Intrafor in partnership with two international suppliers – has been employed to drill the pipes through a mixed soil profile, with the presence stiff boulders and hard granite rock. Despite these challenging ground conditions, the team has met the overall requirements in terms of drilling accuracy.

What is Intrafor doing at the boundary crossing facilities?

Intrafor has started an extensive cutter soil mixing (CSM) treatment at the Boundary Crossing Facilities (BCF) – a non-dredged artificial island in close proximity to Hong Kong International Airport. The CSM work is part of the Tuen Mun-Chek Lap Kok Link Northern Connection scheme.

What is Intrafor doing for Lam geotechnics?

The works Intrafor carried out on behalf of LAM Geotechnics involve drilling one vertical and one inclined hole to obtain geological and geotechnical information for the design of a traffic tunnel in Hong Kong. Intrafor is drilling 315m down to the invert level of the future traffic tunnel.

What is the use of drilling?

Drilling is basically a technology of creating holes. Drilling operation can also be performed on Lathe Machine. In the lathe machine, the workpiece rotates and the drilling tool is held stationary in the tailstock.

What does VSL Intrafor do for wind farms?

As a geotechnical specialist, VSL-Intrafor has the expertise and the specialized equipment to install the cables from offshore wind farms, including where they come ashore. What are the VSL wind farm horizontal directional drilling solutions?

What is Intrafor doing in Hong Kong?

In Hong Kong, acquisition of a third trench cutter, a Bauer MC64/BC40 used on the Express Rail Link, that enhances Intrafor’s position as a leader in special foundations. Intrafor’s work on Hong Kong’s Central Reclamation Project includes a wall with a very challenging design requiring unusual reinforcement logistics.

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