Jose eduardo dos santos angola

jose eduardo dos santos angola

Who is José Eduardo dos Santos?

José Eduardo dos Santos, cujo nome de batismo é José Eduardo Van Dunen ( Luanda, 28 de agosto de 1942) é um político angolano que serviu como Presidente de Angola de 1979 a 2017.

What did President Santos do in Angola?

Dos Santos inherited a crippled country and an active war. Under President Ronald Reagan from 1981 the US openly aided Unita. Angola resisted numerous South African invasions and attacks with Cuban assistance. Massive destruction of the country’s infrastructure, and hundreds of thousands of destitute, wounded and displaced people was the reality.

Why Eduardo dos Santos University of Namibia?

A University of Namibia Engineering and Information Technology campus in Ongwediva is named after former Angolan President José Eduardo dos Santos, himself a trained engineer by profession for assisting Namibia with attaining her freedom from oppression.

Who is Angola’s Sonangol Boss Isabel dos Santos?

It was a sign of the times when in 2016 Dos Santos appointed his daughter Isabel to head Angola’s key national asset, the oil company Sonangol. His son José Filomeno (Zenú) headed the $5bn national asset fund.

How did Jose Eduardo dos Santos die?

José Eduardo dos Santos, a former president of Angola who brutally crushed dissent during his 38 years in power as those around him grew rich, has died. Angola’s government said Mr. dos Santos died Friday in a hospital in Barcelona, Spain, following a long illness. He was 79 years old.

Who is Jose Eduardo dos Santosfirst wife?

His first wife was the Russian-born Tatiana Kukanova, whom he met while studying in Azerbaijan. Dos Santos and Kukanovas children include Isabel dos Santos, the richest woman in Africa. With Filomena Sousa, one of his children was José Filomeno dos Santos, who served as Chair of Fundo Soberano de Angola.

What is the role of President Eduardo dos Santos in the economy?

The role of the President José Eduardo dos Santos, in the growth of the Angolan economy, was the topic of a lecture held on August 28. The Angolan economist José Pedro de Morais, the lecturer, stressed the various pragmatic steps taken by the Angolan Head of State, in all stages of the complex context of the country.

Who is Santos dos Santos?

As President, dos Santos continued the task of economic and political reconstruction begun by his predecessor.

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