What does Toulouse mean?

Toulouse (/ t uː ˈ l uː z /, too-LOOZ; French: (); Occitan: Tolosa; Latin: Tolosa) is the capital of the French department of Haute-Garonne and of the region of Occitanie.The city is on the banks of the River Garonne, 150 kilometres (93 miles) from the Mediterranean Sea, 230 km (143 mi) from the Atlantic Ocean and 680 km (420 mi) from Paris.

What to do in Toulouse in one day?

Stadium Municipal de Toulouse 30. Galeries Lafayette Toulouse Lapeyrouse Day tour to Toulouse and the Canal du Midi. Private tour from Carcassonne. Day tour to Toulouse and the Canal du Midi. Private tour from Carcassonne. Toulouse & the Canal du Midi.

What is the population of Toulouse?

It combines the city of Toulouse and 24 independent communes, covering an area of 380 km 2 (147 sq mi), totalling a population of 583,229 inhabitants (as of 1999 census), 67% of whom live in the city of Toulouse proper.

What is the University of Toulouse like?

The University of Toulouse is one of the oldest in Europe (founded in 1229) and, with more than 103,000 students, it is the fourth-largest university campus in France, after the universities of Paris, Lyon and Lille. The air route between Toulouse–Blagnac and Paris Orly is the busiest in Europe,...

What is the origin of the word Toulouse?

Tou·louse (to͞o-lo͞oz′) A city of southern France on the Garonne River southeast of Bordeaux. Originally part of Roman Gaul, it was the capital of the Visigoths (418-508) and the Carolingian kingdom of Aquitaine (781-843).

What is the difference between Garonne and Toulouse?

noun a city in and the capital of Haute-Garonne, in S France, on the Garonne River. a department in S France. 2458 sq. mi. a former province in S France. Capital: Toulouse. a city in S France, on the Garonne River: scene of severe religious strife in the early 13th and mid-16th centuries; university (1229).

What is Toulouse famous for?

Toulouse is the centre of the European aerospace industry, with the headquarters of Airbus, Galileo positioning system, the SPOT satellite system, ATR and the Aerospace Valley, considered as a global cluster. The city also hosts lOncopole de Toulouse, the largest cancer research centre in...

Why is Toulouse the capital of France?

Toulouse. The city was the capital of the Visigothic Kingdom in the 5th century and the capital of the province of Languedoc in the Late Middle Ages and early modern period (provinces were abolished during the French Revolution ), making it the unofficial capital of the cultural region of Occitania (Southern France).

What is the population of Toulouse in 2019?

The metro area population of Toulouse in 2019 was 1,011,000, a 1.4% increase from 2018. The metro area population of Toulouse in 2018 was 997,000, a 1.42% increase from 2017.

What is the capital of Toulouse?

Toulouse is a city in France, and it serves as the capital Haute-Garonne department and the Occitanie region. As of 2016, the city has a population of 950,000. Toulouse has a population of 950,000, although the metropolitan area has a much larger population of over 1.2 million, the fourth largest in the country of France.

How many students attend the University of Toulouse?

Toulouse has the fourth-largest student population in France after Paris, Lyon and Lille with 103,000 students (2012). A historic building of the University of Toulouse. The University of Toulouse ( Université de Toulouse) was established in 1229 (now split into three separate universities).

What happened to Toulouse in the 14th century?

The 14th century brought a pogrom against Toulouses Jewish population by Crusaders in 1320, the Black Death in 1348, then the Hundred Years War. Despite strong immigration, the population lost 10,000 inhabitants in 70 years.

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