Caixa magica

caixa magica

What is Caixa Mágica?

Caixa Mágica – a Portuguese Linux distribution, targeted to desktop and server machines. The system is developed by a company called Linux Caixa Mágica. The project was created in October 2000.

Where can I download Linux Caixa Mágica?

The free version of Linux Caixa Mágica is available on the official website, without any support and only with access to the documentation. The paid version includes a DVD image, access to online instructions, telephone and e-mail support. Its default desktop environment is GNOME, and the live version is offered for 32 and 64 bit machines.

Can I install Caixa Magica without testing?

In addition, users can install Caixa Magica without testing it first (not recommended for novice users). The distribution provides users with a an easy-to-use desktop environment, as well as custom configuration utilities, intuitive installation, improved hardware detection and support, and convenient software installation.

What does La Caja Magica stand for?

La Caja Mágica (Spanish: The Magic Box) (also known as the Manzanares Park Tennis Center) is a multi-purpose stadium located in Madrid, Spain.

What is Linux Caixa Mágica?

Linux Caixa Mágica (sometimes abbreviated as Caixa Mágica, Linux CM or LCM) is thus an open source operating system, developed and managed by Caixa Mágica Software.

What is Caja Mágica?

Architecture. The Caja Mágica concept [1] encloses sports and multi-functional buildings but opens up and shapes itself to the various uses projecting a changing and lively silhouette in the cityscape. Its mobile and vibrant skin filters the sunlight, serves as a windbreak and shelters the sports halls in a lightweight shell. The Caja Mágica...

How many stadiums does Caja Mágica have?

It has two indoor spaces, Caja Mágica itself and the Indoor Tennis centre, as well as indoor and outdoor tennis and paddle tennis courts. The total area of the main building is 83,500 m2. The three stadiums can be used covered and uncovered: -Stadium 1: 12,442 people. Total capacity in stands and retractable stands -Stadium 2: 2923 people.

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