Euphoria ashtray

euphoria ashtray

What happened to ashtray on Euphoria?

Euphoria fans have divided reactions after learning that Ashtray, played by 15-year-old Javon Walton, might not be dead. The final episode, which aired on Sunday (27 February) on HBO Max, saw the aftermath of Lexi’s (Maude Apatow) play.

Is ashtray the smartest character on Euphoria?

In Euphoria, Ashtray may have been a fan-favorite badass, but while he was the shows smartest character, he was also its most ignorant. WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Euphoria Season 2, Episode 8, All My Life, My Heart Has Yearned For A Thing I Cannot Name, now streaming on HBO Max.

What happened to Fezbrother ashtray onhome and away?

It turns out, though, that Fez (Angus Cloud) was actually just caught in the crossfire when the police raided his home and wound up fatally shooting his younger brother Ashtray (Javon Walton).

What does ashtray look like in real life?

Ashtray is a average sized, rather stocky preteenaged boy. His face is roundish, and he has a brown buzz cut and facial tattoos under his eyes. He has dark eyes and light skin, and is usually shown wearing a gold chain around his neck

Does ashtray die in euphoria season 2?

Euphoria Season 2, Episode 8 ends with Ashtray being killed by a bullet from the Euphoria Police Department, which is wearing a surprisingly minimal amount of glitter. After a pitched gun-battle (see Fez’s gut wound, mentioned previously), he decides to play dead in the bathroom.

Who is ashtray in euphoria?

You can help out Euphoria Wiki by expanding it to improve the quality. Ashtray is one of the recurring characters in Euphoria. He is portrayed by Javon Walton . Throughout the first season, Ashtray is mainly seen selling drugs to people from Fezcos shop.

What happened to ashtray?

The scene ends with a red SWAT team dot on Ashs forehead, and Fezco laying on the floor wounded. From this dramatic ending, we can assume that Ashtray was killed in the shootout.

What happened at the end of euphoria season 2?

The Euphoria finale came with total destruction. Season two began with Ashtray killing Mouse and ended with Custer (Tyler Chase), Mouses assistant, setting up Ashtray and Fez for the murder to avoid jail time for witnessing the crime.

What happened to ashtray and Fez?

Fez is still begging Ashtray to come out and surrender. Soon, the police begin shooting and Fez is caught in the crossfire. As bullets fly, Fez is screaming. When an agent walks into the bathroom, Ash appears to be dead. Ashtray sits up and shoots the officer.

What happened to fezco’s brother ashtray on ‘the Big Bang theory’?

After weeks of watching Fezco ( Angus Cloud) blossom within his friendship with the HBO show’s resident sweetheart Lexi ( Maude Apatow ), maybe the worst thing possible happened: Fez’s adopted brother Ashtray (Javon Walton) died in front of him, killed by a SWAT team invading his apartment.

What happened to ashtray and Fez on NCIS?

When an agent walks into the bathroom, Ash appears to be dead. Ashtray sits up and shoots the officer. Suddenly, the laser goes directly to Ashtray’s head. He’s shot dead off-camera, and Fez is forced to watch his brother die. Fez is arrested after that, his letter to Lexi is left on the floor.

What if Marshas affair was with Fezs father?

If Marshas affair was with Fezs father, this would also make Nate and Fez half brothers and Fez and Ashtray-further explaining why Ashtray was left with Fezs grandmother as a toddler.

How old is the Ashtray actor in real life? How old is Ashtray in real life? The character of Ashtray is played by Javon Walton and the actor is 15-years-old, whereas the character is 14. He was born on July 22nd 2006 and the American performer has been in a number of projects besides Euphoria.

What is an ashtray?

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