Fast track aeroporto porto

fast track aeroporto porto

What are the hours of the fast track in Palermo?

lt is active every day from 5 AM to 21.30 PM The use of the Fast track is reserved to passengers holding cards of the airlines that have entered into a special agreement with the airport of Palermo, provided with boarding pass.

What is the fast track?

The Fast Track is a reserved passage through a dedicated security check point, located to the right of the security controls area for passengers, which allows directly and faster to the boarding area through a privileged route, avoiding the queues at security checks.

How do I purchase the fast track service?

The Fast Track service can be purchased directly from ANA Aeroportos of Portugal or through the airline or travel agent. Make your reservation on this page or on the ANA app and proceed to payment.

When can I purchase Fast Track?

You can purchase fast track while booking your flight, or anytime after in travel extras or while checking in. While pricing varies from airport to airport, you will see the price before you complete your purchase. Click below to see the participating airports in Fast Track.

What is fast track and how does it work?

Fast Track provides access to a dedicated security lane, enabling you to fly through security and reach the departure lounge quickly! Below you will find out how to purchase fast track, as well as a list of participating airports.

How much does the fast track cost for children?

Children under the age of 12, accompanied by an adult authorized to access the Fast Track, can pass through the same security check point free of charge.

How do I get Started with FasTrak?

Our online ordering process is the easiest way to get started with FasTrak. Through this process, you will automatically create a FasTrak web account and FasTrak will mail your toll tags to you. Once you receive your FasTrak toll tag (s) in the mail, follow our tips below for using FasTrak.

How do I purchase a fast track pass?

Fast Track passes are available as a stand alone product or as an add-on to your existing airport parking, airport hotels or airport lounges . If youre looking to simply purchase a pass, select it from the booking form and follow the instructions, and youre done! Current airports that offer a stand alone Fast Track pass are:

What is the fast track service?

Our Fast Track service allows you to make the best use of your airport travel time. Book online and receive live flight updates to your mobile. Available in Terminal 1 and 2, departing flights only. Why not bundle Fast Track with Airport Lounge access?

How do I order a FasTrak toll tag?

You must have an existing, valid FasTrak account to order toll tags using the automated system. Call toll free: 877-229-8655 If you bought a FasTrak toll tag or registered one over the phone and you want to manage your account online, you’ll need to create a FasTrak web account. Create a web account

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