What is the meaning of Seamus?

MEANING: The Irish version of James. Many well-known Irishmen have been called Seamus including the 1995 Nobel poet laureate Seamus Heaney. The Nobel prize in Literature was awarded for his “”works of lyrical beauty and ethical depth, which exalt everyday miracles and the living past.””

Where can I find an article about Seamus?

Search for seamus on Wikipedia. This disambiguation page lists articles associated with the title Seamus. If an internal link led you here, you may wish to change the link to point directly to the intended article.

What does Durate et vosmet Rebus servate secundis mean?

Remember to maintain a level mind in difficult affairs. Servā nōs, domine! Durate, et vosmet rebus servate secundis. Endure, and preserve yourselves for better things. There are no user-contributed notes for this entry.

Why is Seamus spelled with a SH?

Its spelling is typical of the translation of the j sound into sh in Celtic languages, which do not have the former sound. The name has been adopted by the general English speaker since the 20th century. Seamus is an Irish and Scottish variant transcription of the name James (English and Hebrew).

What is the origin of Seamas?

Seamus is largely used in the Irish, Scottish, and English languages. It is derived from Hebrew origins. This is the English version of Seamas, which is itself an equivalent of James.

What is the most popular version of Seamus?

Jacob (#7 IN 2016), James (#5) and Shamus are the popular varying forms of Seamus (#951). These forms of Seamus reached the peak of their popularity during 1940-1949 (AVERAGE #1071) and are now significantly less conventional (#740, 70.9% LESS USAGE), with the version James becoming less in vogue.

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