How often does Nena perform?

Since 1997, Nena has toured Germany and its neighbouring countries annually, typically performing between 15 and 50 concerts every year. In 2003, she took the stage during the Howard Jones 20th Anniversary concert at the Shepherds Bush Empire in London to sing 99 Luftballons, with both German and English lyrics.

Was Nena ever on the voice?

In 2008, Nena appeared as one of the coaches on the German TV series Dein Song, in which established artists mentor a youngster to produce a song. Nena was also one of the coaches on The Voice of Germany for 3 seasons before announcing her withdrawal from the show in March 2014.

What does Nena stand for?

( Nena is a Spanish and Catalan word meaning girl.) In 1977, she left high school before graduation, and in the three following years she was trained as a goldsmith.

What does Nena from Nena believe in?

She believes in Jesus and God and says that thanking him for every new day is the cornerstone of her spirituality. In his 2014 biography of the Nena band, Rolf Brendel, its drummer and Nenas boyfriend at the time, said that although other band members used drugs, Nena never did and frowned upon it.

Why join Nena?

As The Voice of 9-1-1™, NENA is on the forefront of all emergency communications issues. The association serves its members and the greater public safety community as the only professional organization solely focused on 9-1-1 policy, technology, operations, and education issues.

Did Nena ever tour the US?

Pop queen Nenas 99 Luftballons was the rare German-language song to climb the US charts, but shes never toured the country. That is, until now. (29.09.2016)

How old was Nena when she started singing?

Always a child of rocknroll, NENAs career began in her hometown at 17 as the singer of her first band, The Stripes. English was still lingua franca for pop music at the time and their first single Ecstasy appeared in 1979, with their self-titled debut following in 1980.

What does Nena look like in the first episode?

Nena first looks like a beautiful young Indian woman in typical Indian attire. However, this is only a disguise and Nena is truly a short, ugly and overweight woman wearing a bikini. Nena also possesses a bud on her tongue. Nena is introduced as having a crush on Hol Horse to the point of wanting marriage.

A word or phrase that is commonly used in conversational speech (e.g. skinny, grandma). ¿Cómo se te ocurrió que Aída podía ir al banco? ¡Es solo una nena! How could you possibly think Aida could go to the bank? Shes just a kid! ¿Y quién es esta nena tan linda? - Es mi hija, Camila.And who is this gorgeous little girl? - Shes my daughter, Camila.

Where did Nena Live as a child?

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