Alma shopping

alma shopping

What is Alma Shopping in Coimbra like?

Alma Shopping opened in April 2005 and hosts more than 114 shops distributed over 4 floors and 40.840 square metres. It features a Auchan hypermarket as well as leading brands such as Inditex Group, Sportzone, Worten, Sfera and Bertrand, and have a ten-screen NOS cinema inside the centre, the biggest Cinema in Coimbra.

What to know about Alma Shopping?

Tourist Info Alma Shopping: everything you need to know about us is here. Visit us! Alma Shopping opened in April 2005 and hosts more than 114 shops distributed over 4 floors and 40.840 square metres.

What discounts does Alma Edizioni offer?

ALMA Edizioni applies a 5% discount on all purchases above 100.00 € made through our website. For orders above 150.00 €, in addition to the 5% discount, ALMA Edizioni offers free shipping for any destination, via post or courrier (whichever is the most convenient for ALMA Edizioni). The videocourse ( premium) is NOT included in this offer.

Whats new at Alma Shopping Centre?

Alma Shopping is the new name for Dolce Vita Mall as there has been a change of owner. Its an attractive shopping centre on 4 floors, with a supermarket, Jumbo, a music school and other shops on the bottom floor and a multiplex cinema and food hall on the top floor. The middle 2 floors house a variety of shops.

Where is the Coimbra hypermarket?

It’s right next to Coimbra stadium. It has 40,000 square meters of retail space, spread over four floors. The hypermarket is on the ground floor; a plethora of stores - boutiques, electronics, jewellery, shoes - take up the two floors above that. The food court and the parking lot are on the top floor. There’s also a cinema.

Where to watch movies in Coimbra?

A good sized shooping mall in Coimbra. Free parking. Multi-screen cinema on the third floor, operated by NOS, so you can check the film schedule on the NOS website. Most films (except local and childrens) are in english with portuguese subtitles (€7 per ticket). Good value Brasilian resturant on Floor 4 (all you can eat buffet for €8).

What is Alma Edizioni?

ALMA Edizioni is a leading publisher of materials and course books for teachers and students of Italian as a Second/Foreign Language. ALMA Edizioni editorial company was founded in 1994 by two Italian teachers who had gained extensive teaching experience in several countries.

How to learn Italian with Alma TV premium?

Subscribe to ALMA tv PREMIUM and get exclusive access to ALMA Edizioni’s two online courses: videocorso for adults and videocorso per RAGAZZI, for teenagers. Each episode of both sitcom series features gradually increasing linguistic complexity, thus allowing students to learn Italian at a stress-free pace while having fun.

Why choose Alma?

ALMA publications are widely acknowledged as highly innovative and didactically consistent and aim to make both teaching and learning as a pleasant and rewarding activity.

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