Retail park vila do conde

retail park vila do conde

Why choose Vila do Conde retail park?

At Vila do Conde Retail Park we make your life easier to provide you with more comfort. Discover the brands you trust in one place: Continente Bom Dia, Wells, Note, Gato Preto, Rádio Popular, Midas, Ornimundo… With more than 14.000m2 and seven shops from different brands, at Vila do Conde Retail Park we have more than everything for you.

How to get to Vila do Conde the style outlet?

Access: By car: Leave the A28 coast road at Exit 13 (Mindelo / Zona Comercial) approximately 25km north of Porto; By train: Metro Red Line B-Modivas Centro Stop with a free shuttle from 9. 30 am to 11 pm; Shuttle Bus: From August 8 to September free shuttle from Porto to Vila do Conde The Style Outlets.

Where is Vila do Conde located?

The urbanized area of Vila do Conde, which includes the parishes of Vila do Conde, Azurara and Árvore, represent 36,137 inhabitants. Vila do Conde is interlinked to the north with Póvoa de Varzim, forming a single urban agglomeration which is a part of the Porto Metropolitan Area. The town is on the Portuguese Way of the Camino de Santiago .

What is the transportation system like in Vila do Conde?

Vila do Conde is serviced by an ample network of terrestrial, aerial and maritime transport links. The road networks include accesses to the national auto-estradas (English: roadway ), and inter-municipal roadways, along a north–south axis from Vila Nova de Cerveira until Porto via the A28 Auto-estrada.

What does Vila do Conde mean?

Vila do Conde ( Portuguese pronunciation: [ˈvilɐ ðu ˈkõdɨ] ( listen), locally [ˈbilɐ ðu ˈkoŋdɨ]; the Counts Town) is a municipality in the Norte Region of Portugal. The population in 2011 was 79,533, in an area of 149.03 km².

Are there any religious places in Vila do Conde?

Vila do Conde, due to its millennial history, is surrounded by many religious buildings with different architectural styles and invocations. Find here the religious places that you can visit in Vila do Conde.

How to get to Vila do Conde from Porto?

For a day trip, it is very easy to travel to Vila do Conde from Porto, as it is connected to metro network. This article will provide a tourist introduction to Vila do Conde, one of the most underrated destinations of northern Portugal. Vila do Conde makes for a good destination for a day on the beach.

Are Vila do Conde and Povoa de Varzim the same place?

The two resort towns of Vila do Conde or Povoa de Varzim are both served by the northern branch of the Porto metro and they may be next to each other, but they are very different in every way. Povoa de Varzim is a modern and developed resort town, but is without the history or sights of Vila do Conde.

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