Oneplus 10 pro

oneplus 10 pro

How much does the OnePlus 10 Pro cost?

The OnePlus 10 Pro starts at $899, which matches the price of the Pixel 6 Pro and beats the price of both the Galaxy S22 Plus and S22 Ultra. Those latter two phones run on the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, the same chipset that OnePlus uses, so the OnePlus 10 Pro gives you comparable performance for a lower cost.

What is the 80W SuperVOOC on the OnePlus 10 Pro?

The OnePlus 10 Pro marks the debut of OnePlus 80W SuperVooc, which, as the name would imply, lets phones charge at 80W speeds. Using the included charger — yes, unlike Apple and Samsung, OnePlus still ships a charger with its flagship phone — we saw some eye-popping recharge times with the OnePlus 10 Pro.

How does intelligent system scheduling work on the OnePlus 10 Pro?

Intelligent system scheduling opens games without impacting power consumption. The OnePlus 10 Pros 6.7 QHD+ 120 Hz Fluid AMOLED display incorporates stunning LTPO 2.0 technology and exacting color accuracy. Complemented by higher power efficiency, the refresh rate dynamically scales from 1 Hz to 120 Hz with second-generation LTPO calibration.

How much does the OnePlus 9 cost in the US?

The phone will also be available in Europe, India, and the US. Expect to pay $899 in the US for the 8GB/128GB variant, which is actually cheaper than the OnePlus 9 Pro’s $1,069 price tag. There’s also a 12GB/256GB model but US pricing wasn’t available as of writing.

How does the OnePlus 10 Pro compare to the Galaxy S22 ultra?

The OnePlus 10 Pro handily beats the Galaxy S22 Ultra in our battery rundown tests, despite having the same 5,000 mAh battery capacity and Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chipset. We expect modern smartphones to hit at least 10 hours in this test, which the OnePlus 10 Pro easily exceeds.

Whats new with OnePlus 2022?

2022 is a transitional year of sorts for OnePlus. The company is now fully committed to “OnePlus 2.0,” with the OnePlus 10 Pro being the first flagship phone to launch from the brand following the merger with its sister brand Oppo.

What are the issues with the OnePlus 10 Pro?

One of the major issues that people complain about most frequently is the laggy/sluggish user interface on the OnePlus 10 Pro. A laggy UI means that the animations might stutter. Also, it takes longer to open an app or do anything on your phone. If the UI is laggy, it hampers the experience of your phone.

What is the work-life balance feature in OnePlus 10 Pro?

OnePlus 10 Pro’s Work-Life Balance 2.0 feature allows you to toggle between app notification profiles based on the time, your location, or your Wi-Fi network. You can designate a work account to minimize distractions when you are working in a flow. The feature allows only handpicked apps into your downtime.

What is Zen Mode on the OnePlus 10 Pro?

There are various other features on the OnePlus 10 Pro that have been part of the company’s smartphone lineup for years. One of them is Zen mode, which allows you to pick a time duration where you can’t access the apps on your smartphone and you are forced to keep the phone down.

What is OnePlus scout on OnePlus 10?

OnePlus Scout is a Google Search Bar kind of widget that you can place on the home screen. It is a one-stop search bar that lets you quickly find anything on your phone. If you are a Mac user, OnePlus Scout is like Spotlight, but for the OnePlus 10 Pro.

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