Ipma sesimbra

ipma sesimbra

What is Sesimbra famous for?

Besides professional fishing and sport fishing (mainly of swordfish ), the most significant revenues in Sesimbra come from tourism. The town is known for its beaches, fish restaurants and nightlife. The original name of Celtic origin was Cempsibriga, meaning the high place (briga) of the Celtic tribe the Cempsi.

What to do in Sesimbra?

Panoramic view of Sesimbra, Portugal. A tourist travelling to Sesimbra can appreciate its beaches, traditional fish restaurants and the Arrábida National Park. Sesimbra is a popular diving location close to Lisbon and the most famous dive site is the wreck of the River Gurara, a Nigerian cargo ship, that sunk in 1989 with the loss of 45 sailors.

Why choose Sesimbra for twinning?

Sesimbra is a founding member of the Douzelage, a unique town twinning association of 24 towns across the European Union. This active town twinning began in 1991 and there are regular events, such as a produce market from each of the other countries and festivals.

What is Nossa Senhora do Castelo in Sesimbra?

Close to the Moorish castle is the church Nossa Senhora do Castelo. It stands on the spot where king Sancho I built a Romanesque chapel in the early 13th century, leading to the creation in 1388 of the parish of Nossa Senhora do Castelo de Sesimbra.

Why choose Sesimbra?

Sesimbra is one of the finest beach resorts in Portugal. It is adored by the Portuguese who flock to the region for their holidays, drawn by the pristine beaches, relaxed atmosphere and outstanding seafood restaurants.

Why should Singaporeans and Malaysians opt for twinning?

Many Singaporeans and Malaysians choose to take up a twinning programme rather than go overseas for a variety of reasons. One of the most common reasons is because of economic factors. If you are a student on a tight budget but wish to have a quality education, then the twinning programme is for you.

What to do in Sesimbra?

Sesimbra has a huge fishing heritage and it has a very busy fishing harbour. Sesimbra is mainly a fishing town so the fish in the seafood restaurants is always fresh. The marina is also a very popular place to relax.

Where is Sesimbra in Portugal?

Sesimbra is part of the Setúbal district. It is close to the Setúbal bay and has a natural harbour. It is also close to the Sado River. Sesimbra is only 30 minutes from Lisbon, so if you’re staying in Lisbon, you can go there for a day trip.

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