Veja v10

veja v10

Is the Vejas V10 more comfortable than ESPLAR?

Compared to the Esplar, the Vejas V10 are more comfortable right out of the box (with the tongue trick). I got my Esplars in London and walked around for a few hours and had blisters.

What are Veja’s V-10 trainers?

Created as a celebration of the brand’s 10th anniversary, VEJA’s V-10 trainers have a chunky, low-profile shape, sporty aesthetic and signature V-logo. Crafted from sustainable materials, the V-10s feature a leather upper and panels which are sourced from farms in Rio Grande do Sul.

What size do you wear in the Veja V10?

For sizing, Im a US 8.5. I wear a 38 in both the V10 and Esplars, but this is equivalent to a US 7, which is why I mentioned needing to size down. The Veja are measured in EU sizing, which can be a little tricky when comparing to Golden Goose. In Golden Goose, which is Italian sizing I wear a 38 (IT38).

What is the difference between the V-10 and V-12?

The V-12 is noticeably narrower, giving you a more locked-in feel around the midfoot. However, both styles offer different colour combinations. While the majority of V-10 and V-12 models have a signature white upper, you’ll find that each trainer has its own distinct colour combination on the V logos and heel tabs.

Are Veja V10s comfortable?

Veja V10 sneakers are amazing in terms of comfort out of the box except the tongue, which softens over time and can be slid to the side for your initial wears. Though they’re low-top sneakers, they have a slightly elevated heel that elongates your legs.

Should I get the V10s or esplars?

The Esplars definitely need more time to break in, but once you do they are great! The Esplars are more low profile, so they dont provide as much arch or sole support, so if I had to pick one to wear for a long day of walking, it would be the V10s.

What are the Veja ESPLAR leather low tops?

One of VEJA’s most classic styles, the Esplar leather low tops have been named after the Brazilian NGO which brings technical support to the organic cotton families Veja works with.

What is the difference between Veja ESPLAR and Campo?

Esplar vs. Campo So, which should you choose? The Veja Esplar and Veja Campo trainers are quite similar in style, but with a chunkier sole and wider fit on the Campo. However, the materials they use is one of the key differences: The Campo comes in chrome free leather, while the Esplar is made with regular leather.

Which Veja sneakers should I buy?

Veja sneakers are only available in full sizes. If you usually wear a half size, buy a pair half a size smaller than usual. Which Veja sneakers should be my next buy? The Veja V-10 collection debuted in 2016 to celebrate Vejas 10th anniversary. Ever since it is the brands best-seller.

Does the Veja V10 run big?

When it comes to sizing, the Veja V10 run big so you’re going to want to size down. I know there’s been some debate on the comfort level of Vejas, and I’ll say this, out of the box the are 100% comfortable in every aspect except the tongue. Its on the longer side which makes it dig into the top of your foot when you walk.

What size should I order Vejas in?

So a safe rule of thumb is to just order Vejas in the same sizes as your Golden Goose sneakers if you have them!

Are Vejas trainers true to size?

I’d say that they are very true to size, so I’d recommend just going for your normal size when choosing your Veja’s. But, if you’re in doubt or have wider feet, it’s better to take half a size bigger rather than smaller because it’s always easier to fit into a trainer that’s too big than too small.

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