What is the plural of trolley?

/ ˈtrɑː.li / plural trolleys or trollies trolley noun [C] (FOR CARRYING) B2 UK (US cart) a small vehicle with two or four wheels that you push or pull to transport large or heavy objects on:

What are trolleys used for?

noun trolleys 1 British A large metal basket or frame on wheels, used for transporting heavy or large items, such as supermarket purchases or luggage at an airport or railway station. ‘The groups services range from treatments to harden metals for aero-engines to providing the shine on metals used in supermarket trolleys.’

What is trolley payouts?

Trolley is a scalable payouts platform for businesses enabling them to manage everything from onboarding & tax form collection to payment confirmations. Modernize your payouts processes today with Trolley.

What is a boat dolly or trolley?

Boat dolly, or trolley, a device for launching small boats into the water Shopping cart, or trolley, a wheeled cart used by customers while shopping Stretcher, an apparatus used for moving patients who require medical care

What is the meaning of the word trolley?

trolley. noun. /ˈtrɒli/. /ˈtrɑːli/. Idioms. jump to other results. (British English) ( North American English cart) a small vehicle with wheels that can be pushed or pulled along and is used for carrying things.

What is the plural oftrolley?

The plural of ’trolley’ is trolleys. , has spent 86 years learning the English language. The plural of trolley is trolleys. For words ending in “y”, the general rule is if there is a vowel before the “y”, just add “s” to pluralize the word.

Is it spelled trollies or trollies?

DC had a plurals spelling test - she wrote trolleys but it was marked incorrectly and teacher said trollies was correct. Even Google seems confused but surely its the ey rule?

Is a trolley the same as each board is replaced?

If a trolley is barrelling towards a group of people, and all the boards making up the trolley are replaced one by one before it reaches them, is it still the same trolley? This is a repackage of The Ship of Theseus. One’s answer on whether the trolley is the same as each board is replaced depends on what the person believes the trolley to be.

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