Vicky white

vicky white

Who is Casey White’s ex-wife Vicky white?

A female prison guard identified as Vicky White went on the run with murder suspect Casey White from Alabama on April 29, 2022. The prison guard has passed away after shooting herself as the pair were arrested, police say. Vicky White was a 56-year-old who had no blood relation with Casey White.

Who was Vicky white and how did she die?

A funeral is under way for Vicky White, an Alabama corrections official who helped inmate and lover Casey White escape a county jail, leading police on an 11-day manhunt where Ms White died by suicide as police closed in, according to officials.

Where is Vicky White’s body?

The body of Vicky White, the assistant director of corrections at the Lauderdale County Detention Center, a facility that she reportedly assisted jail lover Casey White to escape from last month, was returned to Alabama on Wednesday, authorities confirmed. Vicky White’s body is back in Alabama.

Was Casey White sentenced to prison where Vicky White worked?

Casey White, the capital murder suspect who escaped prison and spent 10 days on the run, was not originally imprisoned at the facility where corrections officer Vicky White was working.

What happened to Casey Whites wife?

Casey White, an Alabama inmate who led authorities on an 11-day manhunt after escaping county jail with the help of correctional official Vicky White, is devastated over the loss of his prison “wife,” after Ms White shot herself on Monday as police closed in on the couple during a car chase.

Did Casey Cole White call Vicky white his wife?

NEW You can now listen to Fox News articles! Casey Cole White, the Alabama prison escapee whose 11 days of illicit freedom came to an end on Monday, called fugitive jail guard Vicky White his wife when law enforcement agents caught up from him, officials confirmed to Fox News.

Who was Vicky white and how did she die?

Learn more about the woman who shot herself and died while on the run. Vicky White, a 56-year-old prison guard from Alabama who helped 38-year-old inmate Casey White escape on April 29, died today after a massive manhunt ended in their capture.

Who is Vicky Sue Davis White?

“We do know they remained in touch while he was in state prison.” Vicky, whose full name is Vicky Sue Davis White, wasn’t merely a corrections officer or “prison guard” — the blonde officer carried some authority in her position as the assistant director of corrections at the Lauderdale County Detention Center.

: VickiWhite Vicki Whites husbands death confirmed as natural? Ive seen it was reported VWs husband died in Jan of Parkinsons. Do you think its worth investigating again that he died of natural causes?

What happened to Vicky whites body?

The Vanderburgh County, Indiana coroner confirmed Vicky Whites body has been returned to Alabama. Coroner Steve Lockyear said Whites body was picked up about 1 a.m. Wednesday by a funeral home in Florence. Its after an autopsy performed Tuesday night confirmed she died by suicide after a police chase Monday afternoon in Evansville, IN.

Where is Vicky white buried?

The graveside service for Vicky White was held in Center Hill Cemetery, about 25 miles away from the jail where she worked. Her obituary said only that she died on May 9 and worked at the jail. Vicky White was buried by her family Saturday at Center Hill Cemetery.

What were Vicky White’s last words?

A chilling 911 call released on Tuesday night reveals the final moments of Alabama corrections officer Vicky White, and the haunting words she said to her jailhouse lover Casey White: “Let’s get out and run,” an utterance that was said just before authorities say she took her own life by shooting herself in the head.

What happened to Vicky white after Indiana police chase?

She was initially taken to the hospital for treatment of very serious injuries after US Marshals closed in on the vehicle she and Casey White were inside, police said. Casey White and Vicky White were captured after a police chase in Indiana on Monday Credit: NewsNation

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