Orbea bikes

orbea bikes

What kind of bikes does Orbea bikes make?

They offer everything from professional grade road bikes to urban bikes. Orbea Bikes is the largest bike manufacturer in Spain, producing a vast range of models in all common bike categories including road bikes, mountain bikes, leisure bikes, commuter bikes, and more.

Who is Orbea?

Orbea is a top-shelf manufacturer that produces all manner of bikes. Each one is carefully customized and hand-assembled at a factory owned by its workers.

What is the maximum assisted speed of Orbea bikes?

Orbea makes only Class 1 pedal-assist bicycles, which means there are no throttle-assist or speed-pedelec models. The maximum assisted speed on all models is 20 MPH, which reflects Orbea’s “Enough Power” approach.

What is the Orbea the gain?

The Gain was Orbea’s first incursion into the field of E-bikes. The general idea was to maintain the autonomy of the rider, giving them the feel of a bike, and not dominating the ride. It’s a lightweight sport-bike crafted with everything tech’ gizmo integrated into its interface and carbon frame.

Does Orbea make an e-bike?

They are rather proud of their Orca, Avant, Rallon, Occam, and Ordu models; all famously seen in a variety of competitions. In 2017, Orbea took the dive and started to produce an e-bike model called Gain. The model is available in both road as well as hybrid.

Is Orbea a good brand?

Hailing from Mallabia, Spain, Orbea has been producing road bikes and supporting bike racing for nearly 100 years. It has made race-winning mountain bikes since 1989. Orbea is already a big brand in Europe, and it is growing its presence here in North America. I first discovered Orbea in 2003.

What does racing mean to Orbea?

For Orbea, racing is how you prove youve got the bike. It’s what motivates our R&D to keep making better and better bikes. Were seeing a bit of a shift in the industry away from racing as a focal point but to us, theres no better way to learn and show that your bike is up to snuff than winning races.”

Is Orbea the oldest bike brand?

Bianchi is the oldest bike brand (making bikes since 1885), but Orbea has the distinction of being the second oldest bike manufacturer still in existence. In fact, the company itself has existed longer than any other in the bike industry.

Is Orbea gain M30 a good electric bike?

Orbea Gain M30 features an upgraded MAHLE Ebikemotion X35 Plus rear hub motor and an integrated Ebikemotion battery unit. This is a Class 1 e-bike, so the maximum pedal-assist speed is 20 MPH. The 250W motor has a 40 Nm maximum torque output. Therefore, when necessary, it’s more than capable of doing its share of hard work up a steep hill.

Are Orbea bikes any good?

Orbea is a popular manufacturer of premium bicycles based in Mallabia, Spain. It is already a big name in European cycling, and it is confidently growing its presence in the USA too. Orbea is a well-known brand that has been making some of the best bicycles in the world for decades.

How much travel does the Orbea occam have?

All Orbea Occam bikes have 140mm of travel on the rear and forks with 140-150mm of squish, provided by Fox suspension parts. This capable trail bike rolls on massive 29″ wheels and wide tires that also push the limits of what you can do when shredding the trails.

Is the Orbea gain the new road bike of 2021?

It’s now completely redefined for 2021. Hint: It’s still a pleasure to ride. Orbea Gain was one of the first electric road bicycles that hit the market and managed to win a place in many roadies’ hearts. At first glance, it looks like any regular road bicycle with drop bars.

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