Harry potter londres

harry potter londres

What are the best Harry Potter attractions London has to offer?

Here are all of the best Harry Potter attractions London has to offer… The Warner Brothers Studio Tour: The Making of Harry Potter, is an exhibit offering a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the Harry Potter films.

Where is the Harry Potter Studio in London?

Despite the fact that the Warner Brothers Studio Tour usually tops lists of the best things to do in London for Harry Potter fans, did you know that the studio is not technically in London? The Warner Brothers Studio is actually located in Watford, just to the north of London. However, it is easily accessible from central London by either:

Where can I buy Harry Potter memorabilia in London?

From robes and wands to pyjamas, socks, bedding, keychains, bags and more, Primark pretty much has Harry Potter themed everything in stock in it’s extravagantly decorated Harry Potter section (it’s pretty hard to miss!). The Georgian House Hotel is a charming boutique hotel in London Westminster with an unsuspecting secret.

Where is the Hogwarts Express in London?

Youve watched the films, now stand in the footsteps of Harry Potter and his Hogwarts friends at these instantly recognisable London locations used in the movie. The Hogwarts Express departs from Platform 9¾ at King’s Cross Station, which is in the arched wall between platforms 4 and 5.

Where is the best place to see Harry Potter in England?

London is, of course, the best city in all of England to see and explore the wizardry land where Harry Potter once stood. London is a big city, but Harry Potter should always have a place in your itinerary of London.

What to do in London for a Harry Potter tour?

3. Visit the official Harry Potter studio tour Located on the very edge of London, you can visit the real film studios where the Harry Potter series was filmed, and explore the original sets, from Diagon Alley and the Forbidden Forest to Hogwarts itself.

What are the best things to do in London for fans?

The best things to do in London for Harry Potter fans. 1. Go for a Harry Potter-inspired afternoon tea 2. See ‘Harry Potter & The Cursed Child’ at the Palace Theatre 3. Visit the official Harry Potter studio tour 4. Have a sleepover in the Wizarding Chambers 5. Get that photo at the real Platform 9¾ 6. Show what you know at a Harry Potter pub quiz

Is there a guide to London for Harry Potter fans?

In this post, you’ll find THE ultimate guide to London for Harry Potter fans, filled with amazingly magical attractions, locations and more! Cloaks and wands are optional, but of course, strongly encouraged.

Where can you buy official Harry Potter merchandise in London?

Official Harry Potter merchandise range at Londons House of Spells with officially licensed items such as wands, sweets and potions, drinkware, books, bags, clothing, jewellery, key rings, movie replicas, plush toys and stationery at Londons Fandom theme shop House of Spells 0

Where can I find a Harry Potter Hotel in London?

Hotels near The Harry Potter Shop at Platform 9¾. London & Partners is registered in England under no. 7493460. Registered Office: London & Partners, 2 More London Riverside, London, SE1 2RR. London & Partners is the official promotional agency for London.

What to look for in Harry Potter memorabilia?

Look out for the eighth story in the Harry Potter canon: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, Parts I & II. There are also smaller items like board games, key rings, mugs, mobile phone cases, soft toys and action figures, suitable for more modest budgets.

Where can I see the Hogwarts Express in London?

Recreate the Hogwarts Express scene on Platform 9¾ at Kings Cross Station in Central London, where Harrys big wizard adventure began. Step inside the magical shop that has been designed to look like Ollivanders wand shop from JK Rowlings books.

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