What is the meaning of hurdle?

Kids Definition of hurdle (Entry 1 of 2) 1 : a barrier to be jumped in a race 2 hurdles plural : a race in which runners must jump over barriers

What is the Morebattle Hurdle?

The Morebattle Hurdle is a National Hunt handicap hurdle race in Scotland which is open to horses aged four years or older. It is run at Kelso over a distance of about 2 miles and 2 furlongs (2 miles, 2 furlongs and 25 yards, or 3,644 metres) and during it there are ten hurdles to be jumped. It is scheduled to take place each year in February.

What is a high hurdle race in track and field?

Hurdles race are also part of combined events contests, including the decathlon and heptathlon. In track races, hurdles are normally 68–107 cm in height (or 27–42 inches), depending on the age and sex of the hurdler. Events from 50 to 110 meters are technically known as high hurdles races, while longer competitions are low hurdles races.

What is a hurdling event?

Hurdling is a highly specialized form of obstacle racing, and is part of the sport of athletics. In hurdling events, barriers known as hurdles are set at precisely measured heights and distances.

What is a hurdle race in track and field?

Running Events on the Track and Field A hurdles race is one in which obstacles are set at regular intervals along the track for the runners to leap over as they race to the finish line. The 100m and 400m hurdle races are typical for women, and the 110m and 400m hurdle events are typical for men.

What is hurdling in the Olympics?

Hurdling is part of athletics at the Olympic Games. Hurdling is the basis of a few track and field events. In the said events, obstacles or barriers which are called hurdles are set to which each athlete must jump over. Failure to do so may get an athlete disqualified. The standard hurdle race is 110 meters for men and 100 meters for women.

How far apart are the hurdles in the 110m track and field?

In the mens 110 m hurdling event, all 10 hurdles are placed on the track with a distance of 9.14 m between each one. Note, however, that the first hurdle on the track is located 13.72 m away from the starting line, and that the final hurdle is placed 14.02 m before the finish line.

What is the difference between the 110m and 400m hurdles?

The hurdles in the shorter races are taller than the hurdles used in 400-meter races. For example, men’s hurdles are 1.067 meters tall (3 feet, 6 inches) in the 110 race, 91.4 centimeters (3 feet) in the 400-meter event.

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