Nike tester

nike tester

What does a Nike tester do?

Nike testers evaluate Nike products prior to putting them to market, and in return, they give the company an assessment. That’s right, Nike is not just a provider of high-quality applications, but also products designed that are designed with the customer in mind.

Do you want to become a Nike product tester?

You have the possibility to become a Nike product tester or better known as a Nike Tester. If you are a loyal customer of Nike brand products, there is good news for you. You have the possibility to become a Nike product tester or better known as a Nike Tester. Home About Blog Categories

Is the Nike product testing program open for kids?

The Nike product testing program, however, is on hold for adults and minors at the moment. According to its website, applications are not currently being accepted. But applications are being accepted for parents to submit for their child. To apply, interested applicants will have to follow the following steps via

Do you get paid for testing Nikes products?

You wont get paid for testing Nikes products and you wont receive any benefits. Volunteering as a product tester is something that youll do in your free time and incorporate into your regular workout.

What does it take to become a Nike tester?

As a tester, youll either be wearing Nike products remotely for several weeks to several months or youll be going on-site to test a product for a day or two. If you want to test Nikes apparel, your first step is to submit accurate body measurements.

What happens when you get testing gear from Nike?

Nike wants to see how the gear wears. For example, if they send you running shoes, and you run 20 miles per week in them, Nike wants to see how the soles wear. When you first get the testing gear, you’ll get detailed instructions on how to wear things, and important deadlines. Make sure you follow all the directions.

How to participate in Nike product testing?

Go to Nike’s official product testing page and hit the “Apply” button. Read the rules, pick your age group and submit your application. As Nike has footwear and apparel for different age groups, they separate participants in three age groups. Here are the age groups. Make sure you pick the right one for you.

How old do you have to be a Nike product tester?

But no, virtually anyone of any age can sign up to be a Nike Product Tester. That’s right, even kids are eligible to apply. There are three different age categories that you can apply for. The first is what you’d expect. Adults over the age of 18 are of course eligible to participate.

What does Nike’s Kids testing program offer?

Something great that Nike offers its testers is the chance to get kids involved too. With a parent’s permission, kids 12 and under can participate in the kids testing program. This program is best for kids who are involved in some type of sport and are very active with it.

Do you get paid to test Nike shoes?

Nike Product Testing Compensation Nike product testing program is not one of those which believes in monetary compensation. However, as a Nike product tester, you will get free Nike shoes to test. So, let’s say they need to test a new sneaker to see how it performs during one year time frame.

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