Spandau ballet true

spandau ballet true

What genre is Spandau Ballets True?

True is the third studio album by the English new wave band Spandau Ballet. It was released on 4 March 1983 on Chrysalis Records. While Spandau Ballets first two albums earned them European popularity, True made them worldwide stars and was heavily influenced by jazz , soul and R&B .

What happened to Spandau Ballet?

During this same year, Spandau Ballet achieved platinum status with the compilation The Singles Collection, which kept the focus on the band between studio albums and celebrated its five years of success. However, the album was released by Chrysalis Records without the bands approval and the band instigated legal action against the label.

How do I find British single certifications – Spandau Ballet – True?

^ British single certifications – Spandau Ballet – True. British Phonographic Industry. Retrieved 12 August 2020.Select singles in the Format field. Select Gold in the Certification field. Type True in the Search BPI Awards field and then press Enter.

Who are Spandau?

Spandau were the first UK pop band to perform live at the world-famous Ku Club in Ibiza.

Who wrote the song True by Spandau Ballet?

True is a song by the English new wave band Spandau Ballet. It was released on 15 April 1983 as the third single from their third studio album of the same name . The song was written by band member Gary Kemp .

What synthesizer does Spandau Ballet use in the song True?

Throughout the song TRUE, Spandau Ballet used a PROPHET-5 synthesizer to flow along with many parts of the bass track, complimenting in a piano sound. The 5 polyphonic monochrome style synthesizer enabled waveless strings-straight as an arrow, the initial atmosphere synth melody and the unique piano/bass sounds.

Why is it called Spandau Ballet?

According to some sources, the name Spandau Ballet could point to two possible meanings: one refers to the jerky movements of Nazi war prisoners hanged at Spandau prison as they were hanged, or according to others, it refers to enemy lines getting shot down by a German World War II machine gun MG42 Spandau. Okay, that escalated quickly.

Is this the only song you Remember from Spandau Ballet?

For some, that may be the only song they remember from Spandau Ballet, the English new wave band formed in Islington, London, in 1979, inspired by the capital’s post-punk underground dance scene. Here’s the music video below so that you can take it in all its 80s glory: Superb.

Spandau Ballet were arguably one of the biggest bands of the 80s with their appealing new romantic style, but where are they now? They sold over 25 million records worldwide and are still one of the best-known bands to ever come out of the UK music scene

What happened to Tony Ross from Spandau Ballet?

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