Porsche gt4 rs

porsche gt4 rs

What is the Porsche Cayman GT4 Rs?

It rides on 20-inch aluminum wheels with center locks, a first on the 718 Cayman. But what really benefits the GT4 RS are the weight savings and tweaked aerodynamics. The 2022 Cayman GT4 RS is differentiated from the regular Cayman with its carbon fiber reinforced plastic front fenders and hood.

How much does a Porsche 911 GT4 Rs cost?

At £108,370, the GT4 RS is roughly £15k cheaper than a GT3 with the same gearbox, 20kg lighter, only six seconds slower around the ‘Ring, has an identical 0-62mph time and has the same number of seats with a roll cage behind you (if you tick the no-cost Clubsport package box, which you should).

What is the difference between the GT4 RS and GT4?

The RS will skip to 60 mph in 3.2 seconds (a half second quicker than the GT4), on its way to a top speed of 196 mph. As its made for lap times, the GT4 RS doesnt offer a manual transmission, just its excellent PDK with paddle shifters.

What is the Porsche Design chronograph 718 Cayman GT4 Rs?

The Porsche Design Chronograph 718 Cayman GT4 RS has plenty of performance character, extending the lightweight concept to your wrist. Also available with optional Weissach package. Exclusive ly for 718 Cayman GT4 RS owners. Personalisation & finishing.

Whats the difference between the Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 RS and 718 GT4?

In non-road-approved performance setting for race track use, the 718 Cayman GT4 RS achieves considerably more downforce compared to the 718 Cayman GT4, optimizing the vehicles stability, especially in fast corners. In short: the form follows function principle at its very best.

Is the GT4 RS Porsches greatest ever RS model?

The GT4 RS is a celebration of more than a mere laptime on a stopwatch and instead offers a thrillingly different take on the exclusive ingredients that made us fawn over 911s for years. In short, itll surely go down as one of Porsches greatest ever RS models.

Is the Audi GT4 Rs easy to live with?

Despite its race-bred manners, on the road you’ll find the GT4 RS is as easy to live with as the standard Cayman. With the adaptive dampers in their softest setting, it rides remarkably well, while the cabin is roomy and the dual-clutch gearbox shuffles ratios swiftly and smoothly.

What is the 0-62mph of a Porsche 911 GT4?

No manual gearbox here. Boo. Still, 0-62mph takes 3.4 seconds (a GT4 with PDK takes 3.9secs) and the top speed is 195mph. Perhaps more impressive is the Nürburgring lap time (on the optional Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 R tyres) of 7mins 4.511sec, over 23 seconds quicker than the standard GT4… which is light years around the ‘Ring.

What is the difference between Porsche 911 and Porsche 911 GT4 Rs?

In the real world, the biggest difference between the two cars is that the 911 is offered with a slick manual gearbox or the outstanding PDK dual-clutch, while the GT4 RS can only be had with two pedals because the 718 Caymans regular stick-shift box cant handle the new engines torque. Its a small distinction, but it makes all the difference.

Whats the difference between a Porsche GT3 and a GT4?

By the way, while the GT4 is a Porsche bargain—if a car costing six figures can ever be a bargain—you really do get more in a GT3 for the extra money you pay. Before turning to the cars, let me describe the road. Ah, the road!

How much power does the GT4 Rs have?

The same motor powers the GT4 RS, except with a little less grunt. 493 hp and 331 lb-ft are the ratings, but the 9k redline remains.

What is the difference between the GT3 and the RS?

Instead of fabric door pull loops (remember, this is not an RS model), the GT3 gets a little more leather, a more modern infotainment screen and interface, and a touch more brightwork. Both are excellent, both are ergonomic, both are supportive, and both are strictly two-seaters, but the GT3 just looks a little more special.

The 718 Cayman GT4 RS is more than a sports car – it is a razor-sharp track tool with a design that comes straight from the circuit. Rational? Not always.

What kind of engine does a Porsche 718 have?

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