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cire tomar

Why is Tomar important to Portugal?

Tomar was the last Templar town to be commissioned for construction and one of Portugals historical jewels. The town was especially important in the 15th century when it was a center of Portuguese overseas expansion under Henry the Navigator, the Grand Master of the Order of Christ, successor organization to the Knights Templar in Portugal.

What to do in Tomar?

Festa dos Tabuleiros (Trays Festival), an ancient tradition in Tomar, is the most important festival celebrated in the city, attracting people from all over the world. The festival is held every four years, the last being held in June and July 2015. The local population parades in pairs with the girls carrying tabuleiros on their heads.

Where is Tomar located?

It is located in the district of Santarém . The predominant landscape is agricultural, consisting of olive, pine and fig trees. The seat of the municipality is the city of Tomar, which comprises the parishes of Santa Maria dos Olivais and São João Batista.

Who attacked Tomar in the Crusades?

In 1190 Abu Yusuf Yaqub al-Mansur, a Almohad caliph, and his army attacked Tomar. However the crusader Knights and their 72-year-old leader, Gualdim Pais, kept them at bay.

Why choose Tomar as a tourist destination?

Tomar is an ideal tourist destination if you are interested in Portugal’s history or culture. There are many interesting historical monuments within the town, many of which are of a religious nature. Tomar is a calm and relaxed little town, with very low-key nightlife, which is centred around restaurants and a long evening meal.

What is the history of Tomar?

Situated in a large and beautiful valley on the banks of the River Nabão in central Portugal, Tomar is very closely linked to the Knights Templar and one of the most important chapters of Portugal’s history. The Order of the Templars was founded in 1119.

Where is Tomar in Portugal?

Tomar, Portugal: A tourism guide updated for 2021 Tomar is a fascinating Portuguese town, which must be included in your tour of central Portugal. Today, Tomar maybe a charming and quaint, but during the 13th century it was one of the most influential cities on the Iberian Peninsula, being the religious home of the Knights Templar.

How many days in Tomar Portugal?

We highly recommend visiting Tomar if you are touring central Portugal or travelling between Lisbon and Porto. A popular holiday route is Lisbon (3 days), Tomar (1 day), Coimbra (1 day), Porto (2 days). Why stay longer in Tomar?

Where is Tomar in Portugal?

Where is Tomar in Portugal? Tomar is 140 kilometres (87 miles) northeast of Lisbon located on the banks of the Nabão River in the central Portugal region. Tomar is well-served by both road and rail transportation.

What is Tomar famous for?

In 1581 the city was the seat of the Portuguese Cortes (Feudal Parliament) which acclaimed the King of Spain Felipe II as Portugals Filipe I. During the 18th century Tomar was one of the first regions of Portugal to develop industry.

What are the best sights to see in Tomar?

The best sight of Tomar is the Charola church at the heart of the Convento de Cristo. This unique circular church followed the design style of the great temples in Jerusalem and the interior is decorated with some of Portugal’s finest sacred art. The best lesser-known sights of Tomar?

What is the municipal holiday in Tomar?

The Municipal holiday day is March 1, and commemorates the day when the Templars Master D.Gualdim founded the Templar City in 1160. It is rumored that Tomar hides the worlds greatest templar treasure (Lor des Templiers: Gisors ou Tomar?

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