When to use Cuando in Spanish?

As a subordinatingconjunction, cuando — usually translated as when or whenever — typically is followed by a verb in the indicative mood when that verb refers to something that has already occurred or is occurring in the present. The present includes referring to an event that has occurred and could continue to occur:

When to use Cuando as a subordinator?

Cuando as a Subordinator. When cuando is used used to introduce a clause (a series of words that could be a sentence but form a longer phrase starting with cuando), either the indicative or subjunctive mood can be used in that clause.

What happened to Quando von?

Shortly after the shooting took place around 3 a.m. on Nov. 6, 2020, numerous reports surfaced online offering information surrounding the incident. One particular report claimed that Quando was asleep in a car outside of the downtown Atlanta hookah lounge and woke up to Vons crew outside of the vehicle.

What is the difference between after and afterwards?

We can use after as an adverb, but afterwards is more common. When after is used, it is usually as part of an adverb phrase: She had an operation on her leg and afterwards was unable to walk for at least a month. Finally, at last, lastly or in the end?

What is the difference between Cuando vs Cuándo?

Lets look at cuando vs cuándo. Cuándo is used in both direct and indirect exclamatory sentences and interrogative sentences. It is generally translated as when. ¿Cuándo es tu cumpleaños? When is your birthday?

What is the Spanish word for when?

Cuando or its question form, cuándo, is the Spanish word used most often for when.. It can be used as an interrogative pronoun, subordinating conjunction, or preposition.

How do you use the subjunctive after Cuando in Spanish?

This lesson is about using either the subjunctive or the indicative after cuando, thats why it needs the subjunctive. You could easily say this as well without changing the meaning: ¿Dónde querrás comer cuando salgamos esta noche? but both options are expressing a future idea in the first part of the sentence.

When to use Cuándo Llegas?

Cuándo gets its tilde whenever it is used in exlamation or in interogation, but also when you are using it to refer to the question. Its like Qué, Cómo, Dónde, Porqué. For examples: Cuándo llegás? (When are you arriving?) No sé cuándo llego.

What happened between Quando and King von?

One particular report claimed that Quando was asleep in a car outside of the downtown Atlanta hookah lounge and woke up to Vons crew outside of the vehicle. Quando exited the car and was later reportedly approached by King Von who, according to sources, allegedly acted as an aggressor that night.

Was king von killed by Quando Rondo?

Chicago-based rapper King Von has passed away at the age of 26, with a shootout between him and fellow rapper Quando Rondo being cited as the reason for his death. It’s unclear whether King Von was shot by Quando Rondo and his group, or by the Atlanta Police Department when they arrived at the scene of the shootout.

What happened to rapper King von?

King Von was shot and killed in Atlanta in a shootout with rival rapper King Von’s gang. Reports are surfacing that rapper King Von, real name Dayvon Daquan Bennett, has been shot and is in critical condition following an alleged altercation with Quando Rondo at an Atlanta nightclub. Sources are now saying that Von has since died from his injuries.

What happened to Quando Rondo?

That occurred before police say that Quandos brother pulled a gun and murdered the Chicago rapper. Prior to the punch, King Von walked over to Quando, and the two rappers stare each other down face to face. Then, punched Quando Rondo in the face. Rondo stumbled back, and King Von continued forward, preparing to land multiple follow up blows.

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