Windows 11 media creation tool

windows 11 media creation tool

What is media creation tool in Windows 11?

The media creation tool is the only official tool offered by Microsoft for upgrading. Of course, the main and the most important function of media creation tool Windows 11 is to help users update their PC to the latest version of Windows. The Windows 11 media creation tool offers users 2 choices for upgrading the system:

How to install Windows 11 with Windows 11 installation media?

Visit Microsoft’s official webpage for free downloading the tool. Go to the Create Windows 11 Installation Media section. Click on the Download Now button and wait for the downloading process to end. Navigate to the media creation tool you’ve downloaded -> run it -> accept the license terms.

What is windows 11 ISO descargar?

Descargar imagen de disco de Windows 11 (ISO) Esta opción es para los usuarios que desean crear un medio de instalación de arranque (unidad flash USB, DVD) o crear una máquina virtual (archivo .ISO) para instalar Windows 11. Esta descarga es una ISO con múltiples ediciones que usa tu clave de producto para desbloquear la edición correcta.

How to create installation media for another computer?

Using the Media Creation Tool to create installation media: After downloading, run the media creation tool. You need to be an administrator to run this tool. If you agree to the license terms, select Accept. On the What do you want to do? page, select Create installation media for another PC, and then select Next.

How to install Windows 11 from media creation tool?

If you used the Media Creation Tool to download an ISO file for Windows 11, remember to burn it to a DVD before following these steps: Attach the USB flash drive or insert the DVD on the PC where you want to install Windows 11. Restart your PC.

Why should I use the media creation tool?

Because it is a standalone application that can be started or transferred directly. You can now use the Media Creation Tool to create a Windows 10 bootable USB flash or upgrade your current PC to the latest Windows 10.

Does Windows 10 media creation tool support USB devices?

Since Microsoft currently supports only Windows 10 and the upcoming Windows 11, it is extremely important to notice that the Media Creation tool is available only for Windows 10 and Windows 11. As for the USB devices supported, the tool supports both USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 devices.

How to upgrade Windows 10 to latest version with media creation tool?

You can also upgrade your Windows 10 to the latest version or upgrade Windows 7/Windows 8 to Windows 10 with this Media Creation Tool. Step 1. Run Windows 10 Media Creation Tool on your PC and accept the license terms. Step 2. Select Upgrade this PC now and click Next. The Media Creation Tool will now begin downloading Windows 10 to your PC.

How do I download Windows 11 as an ISO file?

Scroll down to the “Download Windows 11 Disk Image (ISO)” section, then select “Windows 11 (multi-edition ISO)” in the list. Next, select the product language and click “Confirm.” Next, click the “64-bit Download” button that appears, and the ISO file will download to your computer.

Are official Windows 11 ISOs available?

Official Windows 11 ISOs are available for download. What a day its been for Windows 11. Not only did Windows Insiders get a brand new Windows 11 build, 22000.160, but the fresh Clock app with Focus Sessions also began its rollout. And thats not all!

How can I download Windows 11 for free?

Microsoft makes it easy to download Windows 11installation media, such as an ISO file, directly from Microsoft’s website. It’s free and legal—you can activate Windows 11 later with your product key or a purchase. With the ISO, you can install Windows from scratch. Here’s how to get it.

How to download Windows 11 version 21h2 ISO file?

To download the ISO file for Windows 11 version 21H2, you’ve two options – create a media installation image using Media Creation Tool or download the file from Microsoft’s website. If you need the installation media immediately, follow the guide to get direct download links or use these official links:

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