Ferry caminha

ferry caminha

How much is the ferry from Caminha to a guarda?

Municipality of Caminha operates a car ferry from Caminha to A Guarda every 3 hours. Tickets cost €1 - €2 and the journey takes 20 min. Want to know more about travelling around the world?

Is the ferry open on Mondays in Portugal?

The main car ferry is closed on all Mondays year around. There is an alternative service called TaxiMar. Just call into the bar at the Portugla side and buy a ticket for Euro 5 per person (min of 3 oe Euro 15) ,or phone +351915955827, +351258401599 if on the Spain side.

How to get from Caminha to a guarda without a car?

The best way to get from Caminha to A Guarda without a car is to car ferry which takes 23 min and costs €6 - €10. How long does it take to get from Caminha to A Guarda?

Is there a train from Caminha to Vila Nova?

You can get the train from Caminha to Vila Nova... Yes, just in case of stormy weather, this could shorten our KM as long as the train takes bikes. I see there is no train on the Spanish side. Fine art photography from the Camino Ways. Hi. Joined the site to pass on the following information.

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