Phil collins doença

phil collins doença

Is Phil Collins in declining health?

English singer Phil Collins has just opened up about his declining health. During an interview with BBC Breakfast, the former Genesis drummer revealed that he can “barely hold a drumstick”.

What happened to Phil Collinseye?

He had to get stitches for a deep cut close to his eye. Apparently, it was caused by a foot drop condition which he acquired from his back surgery. Since then, he started using a cane and has been wearing orthopedic shoes. Around the same time, Collins was also battling acute pancreatitis or fast inflammation and swelling of the pancreas.

Why did Phil Collins stop playing the drums?

More Videos ... (CNN) Phil Collins says he is no longer able to play the drums due to health issues. The musician, who is 70, appeared on BBC Breakfast with his Genesis band members to promote the groups reunion tour, and Collins said his son, Nic Collins, will be drumming with the band going forward.

What happened to Phil Collins’ hands?

In 2021, he is almost completely unable to use his hands, and he’s opened up in the past about how he has developed depression because of it. Nerve damage isn’t the only health issue Phil deals with on a daily basis.

What happened to Phil Collinshealth?

Sadly, Collins health issues havent gotten any better. The singer recently admitted that his health is declining and that he struggles to do the things he once held dear. Woman and Home reports that Phil Collins recently sat down for an interview on BBC Breakfast to discuss Genesis upcoming reunion tour.

Is Phil Collins still alive?

^ Phil Collins no longer retired . BBC. 2 January 2018. ^ a b Modern Drummers Readers Poll Archive, 1979–2014. Modern Drummer.

Was Phil Collins mentally on it after nasty fall?

Phil Collins Is a Little Slower but Mentally Very on It Nearly a Year After Nasty Fall: Source. People. Retrieved 21 June 2018. ^ Hyden, Steven (20 June 2018). Take a Look at Him Now: The Many Lives of Phil Collins.

Is Phil Collins in a wheelchair?

A close-up of Phil Collins in a suit along with a candid photo of Collins giving the thumbs up on a wheelchair. Phil Collins worried his fans in 2021 when he revealed that he had been suffering from serious health problems.

What happened to Phil Collins’ drumming?

This is the inspiring story of Phil Collins. After a long and prolific career playing the drums, a painful spine injury means that Collins is no longer able to play. According to Collin’s own words in the Daily Mail, “My vertebrae have been crushing my spinal cord because of the position I drum in. It comes from years of playing.

Can Phil Collins still play the piano?

Phil Collins is no longer able to play the drums, piano or even stand. The Genesis star, 71, bid farewell to his fans last weekend while confirming his performance at the O2 Arena would be his last.

Does Phil Collins still sing on tour?

During his heyday, Phil Collins was one of the best drummers of his generation. Now, over 40 years later, he’s lived through an addiction that almost killed him, and suffered an injury that took away his ability to play the drums. But despite this, Collins is still going strong, singing his legendary songs on tour for thousands of fans.

What happened to Phil Collins of Genesis?

He also has diabetes. Collins won over a new generation of fans last year when two young men from Indiana went viral for gushing over his drum solo in the 1981 hit “In the Air Tonight.” But Collins sounded like the Genesis tour would be his last on the road as a performer in any capacity.

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