Douro valley wine tour

douro valley wine tour

What is the new Douro tour?

The New Douro Tour is more than a sightseeing tour, more than a winery visit and more than a few wine tastings in the Douro Valley. Sure it’s all that!

Why visit the Douro valley in Portugal?

Explore the Douro Valley, one of the worlds most beautiful wine regions. The Douro Valley is definitively one of the most alluring wine regions in the world and a sublime destination for a romantic short break.

Why book a Douro Wine tour with wine paths?

Then this is your departing point! Wine Paths has selected the best Douro wine tours on offer so that travelers like you can live the unforgettable experience of stepping into the extraordinary world of Port wine.

What are the best wineries in the Douro Valley?

Quinta das Carvalhas is probably the largest and one of the most emblematic wineries in the Douro Valley. It’s located at the mountain of Carvalhas, which is 550 metres (1804 feet) tall and offers a stunning 360 degree view over the Douro Valley.

The Douro is the highest-flow river on the Iberian Peninsula, running for 897km (557mi) from the Spanish town of Duruelo de la Sierra to Porto, Portugal’s second city. Remember to look up over the valley to spot eagles circling overhead. See one beach and you’ve seen them all, right?

Why visit the Douro valley in Portugal?

Just a couple of hours away from Porto - the nearest big city - the Douro Valley has a spirit of its own. Known for its outstanding wine culture and wine tours, the Quintas and wineries in Douro Valley are a must when visiting Europe.

How many days do you need for a Douro Wine tour?

Worldly recognized for its Port wine and river cruises, theres plenty you can do. Either in a short 1-day wine tour or a 7-day tour in Porto and Douro Valley. Heres the best Douro wine tours, our clients picks for the top 5 best tours in Douro.

What is Douro Port wine?

Port wine is arguably one of the most celebrated fortified wines in the world and the Douro Valley is where it all begins: the grapes used to make Port grow on the steep man-made terraced vineyards of the area, where they are made into wine after the harvest.

What to drink on the Douro?

The tour culminates with the tasting of a Douro DOC Red wine, a Douro DOC White wine, and Superior Tawny Port Wine. Established in 1716, Quinta do Vallado is one of the oldest and most famous wine-producing estates in the Douro.

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