What is WHOIS and how does it work?

WHOIS services are mainly run by registrars and registries; for example the Public Interest Registry (PIR) maintains the .ORG registry and associated WHOIS service. WHOIS servers operated by regional Internet registries (RIR) can be queried directly to determine the Internet service provider responsible for a particular resource.

How do I get Whis?

The only way to get Whis is by beating the Trial 1, which is unlocked at level 25. Whis cannot be sold, and his HP raise and money gain happen at the start of each wave.

What is RWhois and how does it work?

RWhois is intended to replace Whois, providing an organized hierarchy of referral services where one could connect to any RWhois server, request a look-up and be automatically re-directed to the correct server (s). However, while the technical functionality is in place, adoption of the RWhois standard has been weak.

What is the WHOIS protocol?

The protocol stores and delivers database content in a human-readable format. The current iteration of the WHOIS protocol was drafted by the Internet Society, and is documented in RFC 3912 .

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