What does APSL stand for?

The American Professional Soccer League (APSL) was a professional mens soccer league with teams from the United States and later Canada.

When is APSL ‘living in the UK’ webinar?

APSL ‘Living in the UK’ […] The first joint webinar by the APSL and the Sri Lankan Professionals Association in the United Arab Emirates (SLPA-UAE) for the benefit of Sri Lankan community in the UK, UAE and Sri Lanka will be held on Saturday 25h July at 3pm (UK), 6pm (UAE) and 7.30pm (Sri Lanka). The webinar will be delivered by Professor […]

Why APSL consultants?

APSL provides consultancy and oversees delivery of services to clients operating in the built environment. Delivering market leading professional services consultancy for the built environment. We are committed to… how we can help you.

Whats new at APSL we Sri Lanka?

APSL We Sri Lanka has now launched a new webinar series. The inaugural webinar was held on Sat, 30th January, featuring eminent US lawyer George R Willy, titled ‘An Anatomy of a Sri Lankan Reconciliation’. George has advised the Clinton and Obama administrations on immigration law in relation to South Asia.

Who is APSL group?

Creating Sustainable Communities. An innovative professional services consultancy operating in the built environment, APSL Group creates sustainable communities via the delivery of projects that help our clients on their route to net zero and the provision of exceptional social value. A professional services consultancy for the built environment.

What kind of spectrophotometer does the APSL use?

The APSL is equipped with two state-of-the-art spectrometers, one providing high-throughput UHV XPS capability, and the other capable of providing measurement flexibility between near-ambient pressure and UHV conditions for both XPS and UPS measurements.

What is an apple consultant?

Apple Consultants are specially trained to help you identify, set up and use Apple technology to help transform the way your business works. Their expertise covers a variety of industries and solutions. Many Apple Consultants have training across a variety of IT solutions.

Why do Organizations hire consultants?

Top 10 Reasons Organizations Hire Consultants 1. A consultant has the right expertise. This is where it pays not only to be really good in your chosen field, but also to have a track record that speaks for itself. For example, Riddle says he knows that every client who hired him did so partly on the basis of his track

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