Area de portugal

area de portugal

What is the total area of Portugal?

O território português tem uma área total de 92 090 km², sendo delimitado a norte e leste por Espanha e a sul e oeste pelo oceano Atlântico, compreendendo uma parte continental e duas regiões autónomas: os arquipélagos dos Açores e da Madeira. Portugal é a nação mais a ocidente do continente europeu.

Where is Portugal located in Europe?

The territory of Portugal includes an area on the Iberian Peninsula (referred to as the continent by most Portuguese) and two archipelagos in the Atlantic Ocean: the archipelagos of Madeira and the Azores. It lies between latitudes 30° and 42° N, and longitudes 32° and 6° W.

What are the two major cities in Portugal?

The metropolitan area ( Portuguese: área metropolitana) is a type of administrative division in Portugal. Since the 2013 local government reform, there are two metropolitan areas: Lisbon and Porto. The metropolitan areas of Lisbon and Porto were created in 1991.

What are the 7 regions of Portugal?

What are the main regions of Portugal? The Portugal map is divided into the following regions. North; Central; Lisbon; Alentejo; Algarve; Madeira; Azores; The Azores and Madeira are Autonomous Regions of Portugal and together with continental Portugal, they form the whole of the Portuguese Republic.

How big is Portugal?

At roughly 35,000 square miles, Portugal is about the size of the state of Indiana, just under 350 miles from north to south and about 135 miles across from west to east. It’s bordered by Spain on the north and east, and the Atlantic Ocean on the west and south. In addition to the mainland, Portugal also includes two autonomous regions.

What is the relative location of Portugal?

Portugal is a coastal nation in southwestern Europe, located at the western end of the Iberian Peninsula, bordering Spain (on its northern and eastern frontiers: a total of 1,214 kilometres (754 mi)). The Portuguese territory also includes a series of archipelagos in the Atlantic Ocean (the Açores and Madeira ),...

How big is the sea zone of Portugal?

The sea-zone, over which Portugal exercises special territorial rights over the economic exploration and use of marine resources encircles an area of 1,727,408 square kilometres (666,956 sq mi) (divided as: Continental Portugal 327,667 km 2, Azores Islands 953,633 km 2, Madeira Islands 446,108 km 2).

How big is Portugal compared to America?

But Portugal isn’t so large. How large is it? Compared to the United States it is tiny. The total area of the country—including islands like the Azores and Madeira Island—is 92,345 square kilometers (35,655 square miles), slightly smaller than Indiana. Thus, the US is 107 times bigger than Portugal.

What are the best cities to visit in Portugal?

From picturesque Porto and historic Evora to lovely Lisbon and the fairytale-like Sintra; there are simply loads of great cities in Portugal to explore. 15. Faro [SEE MAP]

How many cities are there in Portugal?

The countrys demographic expansion of the 1980s prompted the elevation of several towns to city status and, as of 2018, 159 locations in Portugal are considered a city.

What is the capital of Portugal?

Lisbon is the capital and the largest city in Portugal covering an area of 370 square miles and a population of 2.6 million. It is located in Lisbon Municipality, Lisbon District in Portugal along the Western Iberian Peninsula.

What is Portugal famous for?

When most people think of Portugal you think of the stunning beaches of the Algarve or the historic capital of Lisbon, but there are a lot of other small towns and cities that make up this beautiful country. In 1139, Alfonso Henriques declared himself King of Portugal. Since then, the country has grown into a gorgeous land of history and culture.

What are the main regions of Portugal? 1 North 2 Central 3 Lisbon 4 Alentejo 5 Algarve 6 Madeira 7 Azores More ...

How many districts are there in Portugal?

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