Monserrate palace

monserrate palace

What is the Monserrate Palace?

The Monserrate Palace (Portuguese: Palácio de Monserrate) is a palatial villa located near Sintra, on the Portuguese Riviera, the traditional summer resort of the Portuguese court.

What is the Palacio de Monserrate in Sintra?

The Palacio de Monserrate is one of the finest attractions of Sintra, but it is also one of the least visited. Monserrate lies 3.5km from the centre of Sintra and as it less famous than the Pena or National palaces, meaning it is sadly overlooked by most visitors.

Is the park of Monserrate open to the public?

In 1995 Sintra Hills, including the Park of Monserrate, was defined as a World Heritage Cultural Landscape by UNESCO. The management of the Park of Monserrate was taken over by the Sintra Park in 2000 and its recovery and restoration program enabled the Palace to re-open to the public.

Who lived in Monserrate Park?

The park and palace of Monserrate, formerly a farm with fruit orchards and crop fields, were first imagined by Gerard DeVisme, who rented the farm from the Melo e Castro family in the 18th century. He was followed by William Beckford, who also lived here, and by Francis Cook.

What is Monserrate Palace and Park?

The Monserrate Palace and Park are located four kilometres from Sintras historic centre and stand as testimony to 19th century eclecticism, where exotic and vegetation motifs extend harmoniously indoors.

How to get to Monserrate Palace in Sintra?

Monserrate Palace is 3.5km away from the centre of Sintra, and the best way to get there is via the 435 tourist bus. You’ll probably have been using this bus to get around all day since it starts at Sintra train station and makes stops in the historic town of Sintra and at Quinta da Regaleira.

What makes the Palacio de Monserrate so special?

The villa is of a whimsical Arabian design, surrounded by classical English gardens, and set in the jagged hills of the Serra de Sintra. The tri-towered Palacio de Monserrate is the most visually striking building of Sintra, and was inspired by Islamic architecture and the ideal of symmetry.

How long does it take to visit Monserrate Palace in London?

That made it the perfect setting for a scene in the NBC miniseries Gulliver’s Travels, starring Ted Danson. A visit to Monserrate Palace and its gardens can take anywhere between one and two hours, depending on how much exploration you do around the park.

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