Unilabs maximinos

unilabs maximinos

What does unilabs Portugal do?

A Unilabs Portugal realiza testes em diversos locais do país em coordenação com as autoridades de saúde, de modo a ajudar no rastreio da população a nível nacional. Adicionalmente, temos respondido a solicitações de outras entidades consideradas prioritárias no contexto atual, como os hospitais públicos, lares de idosos e outras entidades de saúde.

Why join UNILAB?

In Unilab, we believe a culture of care starts from within. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or an aspiring newcomer, we welcome contributions of each individual to help with our mission to bring Trusted Quality Healthcare to everyone.

Why choose Alagang UNILAB?

We believe that all Filipinos have the right to quality healthcare. This is why we are committed to bring world-class medicines within your reach. Working towards a healthier Philippines, one community at a time. Alagang Unilab is our corporate advocacy program committed to help make primary healthcare accessible to communities.

Who is unilabs?

Unilabs is one of Europe’s largest diagnostics companies, offering a complete range of laboratory, pathology, and imaging services to patients all around the world. A leading digital champion covering the full diagnostic spectrum, Unilabs’ 12,000 employees save lives every day.

What is the unilabs-GE Healthcare Partnership?

Geneva and Lisbon, 8 April 2021: Unilabs, the leading European diagnostic services provider, has agreed a partnership with GE Healthcare to provide cutting-edge imaging equipment and digital technology in Portugal.

What is the EUR 45m investment from unilabs?

The EUR 45m investment from Unilabs is one of the biggest ever investments in healthcare diagnostics in the country and will help ensure better access to care for thousands of Portuguese patients.

Why join UNILAB?

We belong to a family that aspires to better people’s lives, and we welcome both young and seasoned professionals who can contribute to the fulfillment of this mission. Bayanihan is a Filipino custom which is commonly understood as unity and cooperation. Unilab prides itself for keeping the spirit of “Bayanihan” alive.

What is Bayanihan UNILAB?

Bayanihan does not only reside within Unilab, but it very well extends to all the communities we serve and care for. We are an organization that is conscious of the kind of impact we can make, so we ceaselessly operate in ways that will truly benefit and uplift the well-being of society.

What is UNILAB’s mission statement?

Indeed, Husay, Malasakit, and Bayanihan is at the heart of every Unilab employee. It’s what drives us to keep our promise of enriching lives, building stronger families, and keeping communities healthier. We are a company that always aims to do better – together.

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