What does it mean to imagine something?

to form a mental image of (something not actually present to the senses). to think, believe, or fancy: He imagined the house was haunted. to assume; suppose: I imagine theyll be here soon.

What does the song Imagine by John Lennon mean?

Imagine is a song by English rock musician John Lennon from his 1971 album of the same name. The best-selling single of his solo career, the lyrics encourage listeners to imagine a world of peace, without materialism , without borders separating nations and without divisions between religions and ethnicities.

What does it mean to imagine a better life?

To form a mental picture or image of: imagined a better life abroad. 2. To think or suppose; conjecture: I imagine youre right. 3.

What is the meaning of Imagine by John Ono?

Ono described the lyrical statement of Imagine as just what John believed: that we are all one country, one world, one people. Rolling Stone described its lyrics as 22 lines of graceful, plain-spoken faith in the power of a world, united in purpose, to repair and change itself.

What is the meaning of Imagine in medical terms?

Medical Definition of imagine. transitive verb. : to form a mental image of (something not present) intransitive verb. : to use the imagination. Keep scrolling for more.

How do you use Imagine in a sentence?

[VERB wh] Imagine youre lying on a beach, listening to the steady rhythm of waves lapping the shore. [VERB that] I cant imagine you being unfair to anyone, Leigh. [VERB noun verb-ing] If you imagine that something is the case, you think that it is the case. I imagine youre referring to Jean-Paul Sartre. [VERB that]

What does it mean when someone says I can Only Imagine?

‘I can only imagine’ is a way of empathizing with someone else, in a way that you haven’t exactly gone through what they are going through, but you can picture or imagine something hypothetical about it. Usually, the complete sentence goes, ‘I can only imagine how tough your situation is.’

What is the etymology of the word imaginer?

Etymology: imaginer, from imaginor, from imaginem, the accusative singular of imago. to form in the mind a notion or idea of; to form a mental image of; to conceive; to produce by the imagination to contrive in purpose; to scheme; to devise; to compass; to purpose. See Compass, v. t., 5

What does it mean to have a better life?

Answer Wiki. “Better” is a word that is used in context of a comparison. That is, when you are comparing something. So better life means a life when it is compared with others.

Is imagination more valuable than reality?

And while there have been many people in my life who have so kindly reminded me of the importance of being responsible and realistic, I have learned that imagination is far more valuable than reality & here are a few reasons why. 1. Imagination ignites passion.

Why should we aim for more in life?

And one should always aim for more. Life betterment always means climbing up the social ladder. The higher, the better. Lining one’s pocket has been given the highest priority when it comes to life fulfilment.

Do you use your thoughts to Live Your Life?

You may begin to use your thoughts to live a life that your shyness or social anxiety holds you back from. If you’re too nervous to ask out a girl you like, then you may fantasize about going out with her in your head. If you are too shy too speak up, then you may imagine yourself doing it.

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