Train to sintra from lisbon

train to sintra from lisbon

How to get to Sintra from Lisbon?

The train departs every 30min from Lisbon, and takes around 45min minutes to reach Sintra. Taking the train from Rossio Station, is the easiest way. But, not everything is good.

How far is Sintra from the train station?

Sintra Train Station Sintra train station (GPS: 38.79870, -9.38646) is the final stop of both train services, but the historic centre of Sintra is located 1.5km to the west of the station.

How to get from Rossio Station to Sintra?

Access to the platforms in Rossio Station, for the train to Sintra. Single tickets for both Rossio-Sintra and Oriente-Sintra cost €2.25, and can be bought at the ticket counters or machines. The tickets are magnetic cards called “Viva Viagem,” which you need to purchase the first time you take the train in Lisbon.

How to get to Sintra from Entrecampos?

Entrecampos station, which is a stop on the Oriente-Sintra line. The train service to Sintra is operated by CP (“Comboios de Portugal”), which is the national train company. It’s a busy commuter line, so seats can’t be pre-booked and there are trains every 20 minutes, and more frequently at rush hours.

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