301 stcp

301 stcp

What is a section 301 tariff?

Section 301 tariffs were put in place by the USTR by order of the President, as a consequence for the unfair trade practices China was found to have been guilty of for years.

What are Section 301 exclusions and how do they work?

Speaking of Section 301 exclusions, its important to understand how these work. After a round of new tariffs is introduced, there is a brief period of time where individuals or corporations can request that a specific product be excluded from the list.

What are China’s practices under Section 301?

In section 301 investigations, China was found to be guilty of 4 different practices that burden U.S. commerce. China was found to be forcibly acquiring the intellectual property and vital technologies from U.S. companies by requiring them to disclose important details with prying approval processes or joint venture requirements.

What did the USTR learn from the Section 301 investigations against China?

In 2017, the USTR turned its attention to the suspicious trade behaviors of one of the U.S.’s largest trade partners: China. In section 301 investigations, China was found to be guilty of 4 different practices that burden U.S. commerce.

How much is the China Section 301 tariff action?

China Section 301-Tariff Actions and Exclusion Process How to Navigate the Section 301 Tariff Process $34 Billion Trade Action (List 1) $16 Billion Trade Action (List 2)

What is Section 301 $34 billion trade action?

On September 30, 2020, the US Trade Representative (USTR) announced the extension of exclusions to Section 301 $34 Billion Trade Action (List 1) for products originating from China.

What is Section 301 of the Trade Act of 1974?

Sections 301 to 310 of the Trade Act of 1974 allows the USTR to conduct investigations on countries that are suspected of trade agreement violations, and take the necessary actions to correct it.

How do I apply for product exclusion status for Section 301?

For product exclusion status, visit the Product Exclusion Process section on the $34 Billion Trade Action (List 1), $16 Billion Trade Action (List 2), $200 Billion Trade Action (List 3), or $300 Billion Trade Action (List 4)webpages. For additional questions, please contact the Section 301 Hotline at (202) 395-5725.

Why is the United States engaging with China on Section 301?

The United States is engaging with China with the goal of obtaining the elimination of the acts, policies, and practices covered in the investigation. The leaders of the United States and China met on December 1, 2018, and agreed to hold negotiations on a range of issues, including those covered in this Section 301 investigation.

What is Section 301 of the Trade Act?

Under Section 301 of the Trade Act of 1974, USTR has broad authority for a range of possible responsive actions to meet the goal of eliminating or otherwise resolving these unfair practices, such as the imposition of duties or other restrictions on goods or services.

What is the 301 investigation and why does it matter?

Surprising no one, the 301 investigation found that “the acts, policies, and practices of the Chinese government related to technology transfer, intellectual property, and innovation are unreasonable or discriminatory and burden or restrict U.S. commerce.”

What are the Section 301 findings of the Trump administration?

Section 301, Tariffs, and Chinese Trade and Investment March 23, 2018 On March 22, the Trump administration released the findings of its Section 301 investigation into China’s practices related to technology transfer, intellectual property (IP), and innovation.

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