Baba vanga predictions list by year pdf

baba vanga predictions list by year pdf

Who is Baba Vanga and what did she predict for 2022?

As the New Year approaches, many people are searching online to see what Baba Vanga predicted for 2022 and what the year ahead has in store for us. But who is Baba Vanga? You may ask. Baba Vanga was a blind clairvoyant who many people claim predicted world events during her life.

What will happen in 2023 according to Baba Vanga?

The famous soothsayer Baba Vanga claims that in 2023, the doctors will perform a series of human experiments that will lead to the death of hundreds of thousands of people. People will be injected with viruses that will cause illnesses such as cholera and bubonic plague.

Did Baba Vanga predict the rise of Vladimir Putin?

According to the prediction of Baba Vanga, Russian President Vladimir Putin is now going to become the most powerful person in the world after the Ukraine war and Russia will rule the world. Baba Vanga had said that Russia would become the king of the world in the future and Europe would turn into a wasteland.

Who was Baba Vanga and what did she do?

Baba Vanga was a blind mystic who left predictions for every year up until 5079. She was born Vangelia Pandeva Dimitrova and grew up in the Bulgarian village of Strumica.

What is happening in 2022 according to Baba Vanga?

What is happening in 2022? Blind clairvoyant Baba Vanga has made six extreme predictions for 2022. The mystic, who lost her sight aged 12, envisaged natural disasters, a water crisis and an alien invasion by the end of next year.

Did blind mystic Baba Vanga predict alien invasion for 2022?

A BLIND mystic who is believed to have predicted 9/11 has reportedly prophesied a new lethal virus and an alien invasion for 2022. Baba Vanga - known as the Nostradamus of the Balkans - died 25 years ago but was believed to possess an uncanny knack for predicting events in the future.

Who is Baba Vanga and what did he predict?

Baba Vanga, a Bulgarian psychiatrist, is known for his prophecies. Everything in her life seemed normal for the time until a massive storm hit and flung her into the air when she was 12 years old.

How did Baba Vanga lose her eyes?

She was born Vangelia Pandeva Dimitrova and grew up in the Bulgarian village of Strumica. When Baba Vanga was 12 years-old, a storm hit and flung her into the air, causing her to get lost in the chaos and lose her eye sight.

Did Baba Vanga predict Putins invasion of Russia?

The invasion of the Russian army, ordered by President Vladimir Putin, has been repudiated by athletes, politicians and characters from all walks of life around the world. It is news that apparently will last over time, but that was predicted decades ago by Baba Vanga according to those who follow his words.

Who is Baba Vanga and what has she predicted?

Baba Vanga is said to have predicted the 9/11 terrorist attack on the World Trade Centre in New York, the Chernobyl tragedy in Ukraine and Brexit She lost her sight at the age of 12 and during her lifetime she is said to have developed powers of clairvoyance and people would seek her out to contact dead relatives and loved ones.

What was the success rate of Ann Vanga’s predictions?

Vanga has left behind predictions that run until 5079. She believed that the world would end by this year. She reportedly had a success rate of 85 per cent in her predictions. Vanga had also predicted the rise of ISIS and said that Americas 44th president would be African-American.

Did a blind mystic predict the Russian war in Ukraine?

A blind mystic who foresaw the Russian war in Ukraine predicted Putin would become Lord of the World Baba Vanga saw may natural disasters and warned about conflicts before they happened. She died in the mid 90s aged 85, but the Eastern European hinted at what we could expect in the future and became known as Nostradamus of the Balkans.

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