What is an iPad?

(February 2020) The iPad is a small tablet computer made by Apple Inc. Apple first showed it on January 27 2010. It is larger than a smartphone and smaller than a laptop computer. It has a multiple touch interface (use two or more fingers to do certain things). It is different than a laptop in that it doesnt have a keyboard.

What can you do with an iPad?

Designed by Apple, it is easy to use and you can do just about anything on it. Take a photo, FaceTime your family, make checklists, research and more with the iPad. Stay connected and send files wirelessly with the tablet and a Wi-Fi connection.

Why buy an iPad with Wi‑Fi + Cellular?

Mini sized. Let the holidays be filled with great gifts. Buy an iPad with Wi‑Fi + Cellular. Get up to $200 back after activation. 3 Apple Card Monthly Installments. † Trade in your current iPad and get credit toward a new one. With Apple Trade In, just give us your eligible iPad and get credit for a new one. It’s good for you and the planet. **

Whats the best iPad for You?

Please also consider subscribing to WIRED The 9th-generation iPad is the best tablet for most people ( 8/10, WIRED Recommends ), and its the most affordable iPad. It has the same shape and size, so all current accessories will still work, including the first-generation Apple Pencil and the Smart Keyboard.

Should I get a WiFi only iPad or one with cellular?

A WiFi Only iPad can only connect to data (and say, browse the internet or download emails) if there is a WiFi network available which you can connect to. So if you plan to be out an about a lot with your iPad, getting one with cellular can be a great option.

Does the Apple iPad support cellular data?

Answer: There are two types of Apple iPad models: 1) Wi-Fi only and 2) Wi-Fi + Cellular. The Wi-Fi only model allows you to connect to Wi-Fi networks, while the other model supports both Wi-Fi and cellular data connections. Depending on the iPad model and service provider, cellular data access may be provided through either a 3G or 4G connection.

How much does a Wi-Fi iPad cost?

iPads that support both Wi-Fi and cellular data (sometimes called cellular iPads) typically cost about $130 more than their Wi-Fi only counterparts. For example, a third-generation 16GB Wi-Fi only iPad is $499, while a 16GB cellular iPad is $629.

How does iPad cellular work?

You can also receive calls and text messages just like the way it is on cellular network. Trying to understand how does ipad cellular work, iPad cellular work in a way that cellular data can be used as a means of internet connectivity and as a Wi-Fi connection.

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