Turiscampo lagos

turiscampo lagos

Why choose a camping holiday in Lagos?

Come and enjoy a camping holiday in Lagos, at one of the most beautiful outdoor hotels ! A mild, Mediterranean climate all year round next to one of the most beautiful beaches in Portugal Entertainment on-site from morning to evening for all the family: archery, aquagym, dance and fun evenings...

Where is camping turiscampo?

Camping Turiscampo is located along the road between Lagos and the westernmost point of mainland Europe, the Cabo di São Vicente and it is accessible even to large car / trailer combinations or motor homes. A wall, tall palm trees and buildings provide a very good shield from the road.

What makes Lagos so special?

A land with a past shaped by explorers and navigators, the Lagos region retains its natural charm with some superb landscapes. Here, the ocean has sculpted the coastline, giving it a delicate yet wild appearance with craggy cliffs overlooking the water and huge sandy beaches.

Why book a camping holiday in the Algarve?

A camping holiday in the Algarve is a great way to enjoy the natural beauty of the region. Choose to camp out at one location, or see more of the region by travelling from coast to coast, camping along the way.

How friendly are the people in Lagos?

If you speak to them, however, they are typically very friendly and helpful. The residents of Lagos are used to being invaded by tourists – particularly in the summer. As a result, you’ll find some nice and friendly locals as well as some protective ones who tend to avoid interactions.

What to do in Lagos?

A visit to the centre of Lagos will give you the impression youre walking through the streets of a new city, as the earthquake that hit Lagos during the 18th century has left a sharp reminder of its effects through the new buildings youll see here. Some of them withstood it though, including the church of Saint Antony.

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