Carvoeiro restaurants

carvoeiro restaurants

What are the best restaurants in Carvoeiro?

Restaurants in Carvoeiro 1. Le Cro Portugal. 2. Gurkha Kitchen. 3. Fabrica Velha. 4. Earth Shop & Cafe. 5. Paradise Indian Restaurant. 6. Pashmina Indian Restaurant. 7. Restaurante Hexagone. 8. Happys. 9. La Bella Vita. 10. Haweli. 11. Pani Restaurant - Indian Cuisine. 12. Gelados & ...

Why choose Don Carvoeiro?

At restaurant Don Carvoeiro the food has influences originating from the four corners of the continent in addition to the Portuguese dishes pertaining from the different regions of the country.

What is the closest airport to Carvoeiro?

The main airport of southern Portugal is Faro airport, and is located 64 km to the east of Carvoeiro. There is very poor public transport from the airport to Carvoeiro, and the time-consuming journey requires three different buses.

When is the best time to visit Carvoeiro?

During the peak summer months, Carvoeiro is primarily a family holiday destination (as with the majority of the Algarve). Outside of the school holidays (May-Jul and Sep-Oct), the town is popular with couples young and old, while attracting a diverse mix of nationalities.

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