Auto europe

auto europe

Is Auto Europe a good company?

Auto Europe is a large car rental wholesale company, working with approximately 24,000 car rental locations in 180 countries in Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, as well as North and South America. Auto Europe has been accredited with the Better Business Bureau since April 2, 1993, with an A+ rating.

Why book a car with Auto Europe?

Save up to 30% on your rental car in Europe when you book with us today. With Auto Europes price match guarantee there is no reason to wait, reserve a car today to ensure you get the best rate. Rent a car in Europe without booking fees, credit card fees, and free cancellation up to 48 hours before pick-up!

Who is the CEO of Auto Europe?

In 1997, Alex Cecil retired, passing the reins to Imad Khalidi, President and CEO of Auto Europe. In 1995, Auto Europe began offering airfare and hotels under the name Destination Europe.

What is Volkswagen Autoeuropa?

Opened as a 50/50 joint venture, its initial purpose was to assemble a communal-designed MPV model sold under three marques: Volkswagen Sharan, SEAT Alhambra, and Ford Galaxy. Producing these vehicles, Volkswagen Autoeuropa almost reached its production limit of 172,500 units per year.

Is autoeurope a good company to buy from?

The company has a Better Business Bureau rating of A+ in their Auto Europe review and has been accredited by the agency since 1993. There were some customers that have complained with regards to the vehicles of that were provided to them by their customer service representatives.

Is Auto Europe good for car rentals?

Thank You. I always use Auto Europe for car rentals and never had any issue with them or the providers. The service is good, reliable and correctly priced. You get the voucher immediately.

Should I use Auto Europe when travelling to the US?

I have always used Auto Europe when travelling to the states in the past but unfortunately will definitely NOT BE this time - that is close to EXTORTION some £1024.00 more expensive or £1116.50 more expensive if paid at time of booking. As you cannot contact them I wont be using or recommending them again - sorry.

Can I get a refund or credit from Auto Europe?

I contacted Auto Europe to arrange a refund or credit. They dealt directly with the car rental company and just emailed me to say that there would be no refund or credit even though we used the car for only a fraction of our rental period. I would have thought that these two companies could have worked out something to help us out.

How much is a rental car per day in Europe? Similar to airline tickets, the cost per day to rent a car varies greatly based on your destination, the time of year, and the car class you choose to rent. Economy and smaller sized rentals can be as little as $15-$20 a day in popular cities in France and Italy.

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