Radio taxi porto

radio taxi porto

What is Porto taxi?

Porto Taxi provides transfer services at fixed price from and to the Porto Airport in the whole North area of Portugal in cities like Oporto, Aveiro, Braga, Evora, Obidos, Coimbra or Fatima, but also in other travel location in Portugal.

What is taxi2airport?

Providing hassle-free Porto Airport transfer services seven days a week, Taxi2Airport is the worlds premier website for booking airport transfers. We specialise in transfers to and from airports around the world and work with the best group of drivers and cars.

Where is Porto Airport transfer?

Porto Airport transfer. Located 11km northwest of Porto centre, Porto Airport is an international airport in Porto and an important gateway to Portugal.

Why choose Onde for your taxi service?

It includes many advanced features: accurate GPS tracking, credit card payments, automated referral programs, and 24/7 support. Working with Onde we just feel confident. “Muscat deserves the best” — this is what I tell my friends about our taxi services.

Are there taxis in Porto Portugal?

As Porto is a major city in Portugal, there are taxis everywhere. You can easily spot them as they are either a light beige or black with a green roof. All taxis in Porto have a ‘TAXI’ sign on top. You can tell if a taxi is free and ready to accept a customer if the sign on top is lit up green.

How do Porto taxi prices work?

Porto taxi prices are regulated by the Portuguese government, so you can always expect to pay the same fees no matter what taxi you use. Porto taxi drivers use a taximeter to calculate the fare based on the distance you’ve travelled.

How to get around in Porto?

Taxis in Porto are relatively cheap and are a good alternative if you get around the city at night or for longer journeys. All the taxis in Porto are beige or black and have a green coloured roof. Before getting into a taxi, always make sure they have a taximeter and that they switch it on when it starts driving.

How do I get from Porto Airport to my hotel?

The most convenient and time-saving transfer from Porto airport is a taxi. The journey takes just 20 minutes and costs around €24 during the day and €27 at night, based on a taximeter. Taking a Porto airport taxi is the only direct transfer option from the airport to the door of your hotel. Where do I meet my driver?

Is there a wheelchair transfer from Porto Airport to the airport?

This is one of the few private Porto airport transfers for people with a wheelchair. You can call them on +351 917 987 172 to speak English with someone and you can also email them on to get a quote.

How to get to Porto Airport?

A low cost road transport service that regularly connects several areas of downtown Porto to the Airport (and vice versa). Its bus stops are strategically located in the city centre. Road transport service making regular connections between Póvoa de Varzim – Esposende – Viana do Castelo – Lanheses – Ponte de Lima - Lamego and the airport.

Does Porto Airport have Uber or Wi-Fi?

And if you don’t have internet on your phone, worry not, Porto’s airport has Wi-Fi so you can order your Uber upon arrival. Uber is one of the best Porto airport transfers thanks to the convenience in ordering a car and paying for the ride through an app.

What is Coimbra airport shuttle?

Coimbra Airport Shuttle provides a shared door-to-door transfer service between the Center of Portugal and both Oporto and Lisbon airports. Taxis circulate 24/7 all throughout the city, and are always available at taxi ranks.

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