Via michelin 2022

via michelin 2022

What are the Michelin route recommendations?

This is the default route that Michelin recommends. The quickest (prioritising time): this route option takes the least time to reach the destination. The shortest (prioritising distance): this route option involves the shortest distance to reach the destination, whilst always remaining on passable roads.

How does the Michelin Travel Partner process my data?

Michelin Travel Partner will process your personal data to (i) to manage your subscription (ii) and measure the performance of our campaigns and analyze your interactions with our communications. Your data can be shared with Michelin (MFPM) in order to know you better and sending you marketing offers with your consent.

What is ViaMichelin?

ViaMichelin le indica, asimismo, los pasos por zonas de circulación restringida, tipo Critair. Es posible evitar los peajes seleccionando esta opción dentro del cálculo de ruta. ¿Están personalizadas las rutas ViaMichelin en función de mi vehículo?

What is the Michelin barometer?

The MICHELIN Guide has developed an international barometer to facilitate analysis of the impact of the Covid-19 crisis on Michelin Starred restaurants. What Is The MICHELIN Bib Gourmand Award? Discover more about our award for good quality and good value cooking. And the Winner is...

What is the Michelin Guide?

The MICHELIN Guide is a benchmark in gastronomy. With a new hotel selection created by Tablet Hotels, we’re setting the same standard for hotels. Discover the MICHELIN Guide hotel selection from this region and book an amazing break!

What is the Michelin Guide for Miami hotels?

Miami’s most impressive restaurants are set to be in the MICHELIN Guide for the first time ever — a signal that the city’s flourishing culinary scene is as sophisticated as its hotel offerings. MICHELIN Guide restaurants provide unforgettable experiences. So do MICHELIN Guide hotels. Here are the places in New York City where you can have both.

How does the Michelin Guide recognize local food variance?

The MICHELIN Guide does recognize local food variance too: In territories such as Spain, noteworthy tapas bars are recognized by an additional wine and toothpick symbol, quality pubs in the UK/Ireland guide are marked with a beer mug symbol and street-food stalls are recognized with a cart symbol in Asia.

What is the Michelin Guide Slovenia?

The MICHELIN Guide takes you on a trip to Slovenia to discover the treasures of this country, its chefs, its products and its producers. Following the launch of the MICHELIN Guide Slovenia in september 2021, we take a closer look at Rajh, run by chef Leon Pintarič.

What does ViaMichelin do?

A wholly owned subsidiary of the Michelin Group, ViaMichelin designs, develops and markets digital travel assistance products and services for road users in Europe. Launched in 2001 and drawing upon a century of Michelin experience in the publication of maps and guides, ViaMichelin provides services designed for both...

What is the history of ViaMichelin?

The Michelin roadmaps were reproduced in England for the Allied invasion during World War II. The Germans also reproduced in 1940 the 1938 edition Michelin maps for the invasion. ViaMichelin is a wholly owned subsidiary of Michelin Group, and was started in 2001, to represent Michelins digital mapping services.

Is there an app for ViaMichelin?

ViaMichelin has a free mobile app. It is available as a free download for both Apple and Android. Find Michelin maps, routes and guidance with real-time traffic, GPS Navigation, 3D maps with voice guidance and community alerts. Which type of routes can you calculate on ViaMichelin ?

What is ViaMichelin route planner?

Michelin Route planner - UK and worldwide driving directions. Use the ViaMichelin route planner to get the quickest, shortest or most economical route directions to the destination of your choice.

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