Winslow homer

winslow homer

What is Winslow Homer best known for?

Winslow Homer (February 24, 1836 – September 29, 1910) was an American landscape painter and printmaker, best known for his marine subjects. He is considered one of the foremost painters in 19th-century America and a preeminent figure in American art. Largely self-taught, Homer began his career working as a commercial illustrator.

What was the relationship between Winslow Homers parents?

His mother, Henrietta, was a watercolorist and taught Winslow the basics of painting. His father, Charles, was an aggressive businessman. Winslow grew up with his two brothers, Charles Savage Homer, Jr. and Arthur Benson Homer.

Where is Winslow Homers painting?

Winslow Homer, at the National Gallery of Art, New York City, 1880 - photo by Napoleon Sarony

How did Winslow Homer explore the theme of mortality?

It was here that Homer and those who followed explored themes of mortality through images of the turbulent and seemingly eternal stretch of the northern Atlantic. Winslow Homers career as a painter began with his realist portrayals of the US Civil War.

Why is Winslow Homer important to art?

Winslow Homer was an American landscape painter and printmaker, best known for his marine subjects. He is considered one of the foremost painters in 19th century America and a preeminent figure in American art.

How did Winslow Homer change the world?

Winslow Homer was an American painter whose works in the domain of realism, especially those on the sea, are considered some of the most influential paintings of the late 19th century. He started his career as a freelance illustrator. His oil paintings were immensely expressive. He then became a master of sketches and watercolors.

When was Winslow Homer born?

Winslow Homer was born on February 24, 1836, Boston, Massachusetts. He was the second of the three sons of Charles Savage Homer and Henrietta Benson Homer.

When did Winslow Homer live in Cullercoats?

Later, when Winslow Homer spent the years between 1881 and 1882 in the village of Cullercoats, Tyne and Wear, his paintings depicting shores and coastal landscapes changed. Many of the paintings from the English coast have as subjects working men and women from the area.

What is the most famous painting by Winslow Homer?

Winslow Homer’s The Fox Hunt is another famous oil painting, created in 1893. It features a fox running in deep snow, in search of food while being chased by crows. Called the artist’s “greatest Darwinian painting,” it was also painted in the artist’s studio in Prouts Neck, Maine.

Where did Winslow Homer live?

Winslow Homer is regarded as the greatest American painter of the 19th century. Born in Boston and raised in rural Cambridge, he began his career as a commercial printmaker, first in Boston and then in New York, where he settled in 1859.

Where is Homer’s painting now?

That painting now hangs at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston and depicts two children who posed for Homer for 75 cents per day. Today, you can take tours of his Prouts Neck studio which is now owned by the Portland Museum of Art.

When did Winslow Homer paint channel bass?

Winslow Homer painted this watercolor, “Channel Bass,” in 1904. The bottles at the bottom appear in other paintings as well, to suggest the size of the fish.

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