What is the history of Eurogamer?

Eurogamer (initially stylised as EuroGamer) was launched on 4 September 1999. The founding team included John Gestalt Bye, the webmaster for the PlanetQuake website and a writer for British magazine PC Gaming World; Patrick Ghandi Stokes, a contributor for the website Warzone; and Rupert rauper Loman,...

Who is the editor-in-chief of Eurogamer?

Its editor-in-chief is Oli Welsh and its editor is Wesley Yin-Poole. Kristan Reed served as Eurogamers editor from 2002 to 2008.

When did Tom Bramwell edit Eurogamer?

Tom Bramwell edited Eurogamer from 2008 to 2014. Eurogamer (initially stylised as EuroGamer) was launched on 4 September 1999.

How many players are there in a Eurogame?

Generally Eurogames do not have a fixed number of players like chess or bridge; although there is a sizeable body of German-style games that are designed for exactly two players, most games can accommodate anywhere from two to six players (with varying degrees of suitability).

Are Eurogames good for social play?

While many titles (especially the strategically heavier ones) are enthusiastically played by gamers as a hobby, Eurogames are, for the most part, well-suited to social play. In keeping with this social function, various characteristics of the games tend to support that aspect well, and these have become quite common across the genre.

What is the difference between risk and Eurogames?

In contrast to games such as Risk or Monopoly, in which a close game can extend indefinitely, Eurogames usually have a mechanism to stop the game within its stated playing time. Common mechanisms include a pre-determined winning score, a set number of game turns, or depletion of limited game resources.

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