What does AAPL stand for?

Apple (ticker symbol: AAPL) is one of the worlds leading consumer electronics and personal computer companies. The Cupertino, California-based company was established in 1977 as Apple Computer Inc.

Is AAPL following a bearish trend towards the lower boundary?

Market Instrument: AAPL Timeframe: Daily Analysis: Technical Structure: Channel and Key Level Prediction: Bearish AAPL is following the bearish trend towards the lower boundary, First the key level required to be broken before heading the price close to the lower boundary formed on the channel we have picked up.

How much $AAPL to hold for H&S?

$AAPL - H&S in daily, need to hold 160 for calls - At weekly 0.6 retracement level - At daily 100ema - At weekly 21ema - Volume POC at 160 The iMob Herd is being culled slowly.

What is the bottom of resistance spirals for AAPL?

Squared to 25 As Above So Below Pi Harmonic Phi XD 2.023 (2.5) tied to squaring and price target of 152 landing on inverse Giza 2/8 Bottom of resistance spirals are 121.28 (inverse Giza) and 109.81 (phi variant) Looking for a big selloff in AAPL after earnings on Thursday.

Can marketers charge more for S&H?

Bann and Isaacson’s Schaefer says that while there isn’t a law that mandates that marketers can charge only so much for S&H, or that it can’t be more than they’re being charged by the mailer, it’s understood that the fees are a pass-through charge and are representative of the actual cost of shipping.

How much can you save with an HSA?

For example, if you have $50,000 in taxable income and make a $3,600 deductible contribution to an HSA, you will be taxed on only $46,400 in income due to your contribution. The specific amount you save due to your HSA contribution will depend both on how large your contribution is and on your tax rate.

Should you set S&H fees based on competitors’ costs?

Setting S&H fees based on competitors can also get you in legal hot water, says Harkins. “The DMA advises its members to be careful to document their order processing costs versus their shipping and handling revenues, and offers guidance on what costs are appropriate to base shipping charges on, and what costs are riskier to include,” he says.

How should mailers adjust S&H charges to account for sales?

Lee recommends that mailers adjust S&H charges to maintain the existing balance of “revenue” and cost as a percent of sales by pulling a sizable recent or same-season sample of orders.

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